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Step Into The Water...or How To Get Your Team To Get Their Feet Wet In RE NXT

Has your organization made the transition to Raiser’s Edge NXT? Are you experiencing difficulty getting team members to make the mental shift from asking the DBA to run reports, get into the data or help plan out a trip of constituents to visit? There is relief in sight!
First of all, if you have not yet joined Community, do so, and invite your co-workers to join! You will find many experienced voices ready to share insight on how they solved problems, and what worked for their company. 
Secondly, teach EVERYONE in your office to use this link: and browse to Training & Support.  Once there, explain how to use Knowledgebase. I love knowledgebase. It will empower your co-workers when they discover they can find answers on their own. 
Another resource is a collection of short videos explaining in small bites how to tackle learning the basics in NXT.  Here’s the link for that treasure trove:
There is so much available right at our fingertips if we only know where to begin. Your ability to instill confidence and courage will pay off in time saved for everyone. 
Posted by Cathy Spencer on May 13, 2019 3:56 PM America/New_York

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