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What's New (August 4)

Happy Tuesday! Here are the latest features in Blackbaud Church Management.

You can now easily view all classes a congregant attended. From their constituent record under Classes, you can view a list of current and past classes. For more information, see Constituent Classes.

To help narrow which recurring events to include when you view the Headcount trends graph, you can now filter it to only show specific categories, such as worship services. Previously, you defined the minimum headcount to exclude events.

Note: Before you filter the graph, add categories from EventsEvent settings and assign recurring events to them. For more information, see Events Settings.

From ConstituentsCongregation summary, under Headcount trends, select Filter , Select categories, and choose the categories to include.

For more information, see Headcount Trends.


With Report builder, you can design and manage insights and dashboards to dig into your data and help you make decisions.

When you compare your insights and dashboard results to a report or static query in database view, you can now apply and view attributes to analyze by record ID. This ensures that the sets of records you compare are in agreement, such as the same campaigns or funds, and that you’re comparing equivalent data.

From AnalysisReport builderInsights, the attributes you can now use include:

  • Appeal record ID

  • Campaign record ID

  • Education record ID

  • Fund record ID

  • Gift split record ID

  • Package ID

For more information, see Insights.

Duplicate constituents
To help you more quickly address duplicate constituent records, you can now merge a record into another directly from the constituent record you are viewing. When you see a record that you know is a duplicate, you can select Merge into another record to search for a target record and complete the merge. Previously, you could only do this by reviewing the records under ToolsData Health.


For more information, see Possible Duplicates.

Posted by Nikki Tremann on Aug 4, 2020 3:24 PM America/New_York

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