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What's New (January 12)


Here are the latest features in Blackbaud Church Management!

Duplicate Records
To help you maintain clean and accurate data, Blackbaud Church Management now checks for duplicates when you add an individual or family from a staffed station or the directory. When you enter their first and last name, existing constituent records that match by name appear in a list under Possible duplicates. If you enter additional details — such as address, email, or phone information — the match results improve. After you review the list, you can select an existing record, or continue and create a new one.

For more information, see Duplicate Constituent Records.



To help you quickly identify which volunteers are marked inactive, now when you choose to include inactive volunteers in the volunteer list, a warning  appears.

To show inactive volunteers in the list, from Volunteers, select Volunteers. Select FilterInclude inactive, then Apply filters.


You can now choose Gift-in-kind and Other when you add a gift from HomeGifts, or a constituent record. Previously, you needed to add these types of gifts in the database view.

  • Gifts-in-kind are contributions of goods or services that have an estimated monetary value, such as auction items, furniture, computer equipment, or pro bono work by a lawyer or contractor. To add a gift-in-kind, from Add gift, under Gift type, select Gift-in-kind.

  • Other gifts are miscellaneous gifts that don't fall under another gift type. To add an other gift, from Add gift, under Gift type, select Other.

For more information, see Gifts.

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This is FABULOUS. We are in the process of onboarding and the lack of alerts for possibly duplicate records was a detail about which I was concerned. Thank you!!