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What's New (February 23)


Hello Church Management Community! Here are the latest enhancements:

You can now create a list of volunteers with expired requirements or requirements that will expire within 90 days. To do this, filter volunteers by requirement criteria and export the list.

From the volunteer list, or a specific team, select Filter. Under Volunteer basics, select to include volunteers with expired requirements or requirements that expire in the next 90 days.

Tip: If a volunteer’s requirement for the position is expired or is about to expire, a warning appears next to their name in the list.

After you have applied filters, select Export to generate the list of volunteers. Their expired requirement and its expiration date information now display as separate columns in the .CSV file.

Giving statements
We changed the name of the Consolidated receipts feature under Gifts to Giving statements because we received feedback that the previous name was misleading. The feature provides an easy way to send donors a collective summary of their giving over a defined time period, so Giving statements better reflects the feature’s intended purpose.

For additional insights into this change, see this post in the Community.

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