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What's New (May 4th)


May the 4th be with you! 🤖

This week we added the ability to assign a barcode to any individual, regardless of their age or chaperone status.

To make check-in quick and easy, you can now assign barcodes to print on key fobs or name tags to any individual, regardless of age or chaperone status. Previously, you couldn't assign barcodes to individuals with chaperones which meant some older children weren’t able to have their own barcode for self check-in.
  • Self check-in: An individual can swipe their barcode to pull up their record automatically.

  • Child check-in: An chaperone can swipe their barcode to pull up all their children in a list.

To assign a barcode to an individual, from their constituent record, under Check-in, select Edit, Barcode, and then scan or enter the barcode from the key fob or name tag.

News Blackbaud Church Management Announcements 05/04/2021 12:00pm EDT

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