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What's New (September 14)


Here's the latest in Blackbaud Church Management!

  • View donation form on a gift record
  • Display benefit amount on gift receipts

Donation forms
Building on recent enhancements to gift records, you can now view which donation form an online gift was given through. A donation form's name appears in the overview at the top of a gift record when the gift is made online.

To open the form and view information such as performance metrics, select its name.


On a gift receipt, the Transaction details merge field now includes the Total benefit amount - the amount of the gift that was given in exchange for goods and services. It also displays any additional details about any benefit that might be included on the gift record, such as benefit name, quantity, and subtotal. The Transaction details merge field is added to the receipt template by default.

You can also include the Total benefit amount as a merge field within the body message of a receipt template. From Gift receipting, Email receipt template, select Open email designer. In the content area, select Merge, Gift information, Total benefit amount. For more information, see Receipt Templates Merge Fields.


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