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What's New (October 19)


Check out the latest in Blackbaud Church Management!

  • Send receipts for stock / property gifts
  • Email tasks tab removed from Gift receipting and Giving statements
  • Let Blackbaud pay for your credit card processing fees with Complete cover on donation forms (for some of you)

You can now send email or PDF receipts for stock / property gifts - gifts of stock or property that a donor gave instead of cash.

When you select a stock / property gift to receipt, the Transactions details merge field automatically displays the gift type of Stock/Property, and includes the Comment field with the value you entered on the gift record — typically a short description of the donation. Transactions details also displays the following fields if they exist on the gift record:
  • Issuer

  • Symbol

  • Number of units


With stock / property gifts, you might not want to include a specific amount or value associated with the gift on the receipt. Therefore, the following fields are removed from the Transaction details merge field for stock/property gifts:

  • Gift amount / Value

  • Total benefit amount

  • Contribution amount

  • "Gift amount = Total benefit amount + Contribution amount" label

Tip: Depending on your organization's processes, you might want to mention the value of stock / property gifts on the receipt using specific contextual wording. To do this, create a separate receipt template for stock / property gifts, and include the Gift amount merge field in the body content.

For more information, see Receipt Templates Merge Fields.

Receipts and Giving Statements
When you email gift receipts or giving statements to your donors, you need to ensure that the email was successfully sent. Originally the Email tasks tab was the place to review email successes and failures. However, the Email tasks tab has been removed in favor of the more robust Failed gift receipts and Failed giving statements tabs.

From the Failed gift receipts and Failed giving statements tabs, not only can you see which emails failed, but also why it failed, as well as additional resolution options such as resending the email or generating a PDF receipt.

To further streamline the Gift Receipting area, the PDF tasks tab has been renamed PDFs.

Donation forms
This feature is available to only churches in our Complete cover EAP program

To help you get the most from online gifts, Complete cover enables your church to process one-time gifts through donation forms without paying credit card processing fees. By default, all donation forms allow Blackbaud to pay these fees. In return, to help offset that cost, donors can voluntarily contribute at checkout. Whether a donor voluntarily contributes or not, your organization pays 0% processing fees for one-time gifts given through a Complete cover enabled form. For more information, see Complete Cover.

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