What's New (May 10) 8369

What's New (May 10)


Hello Church Management friends! Here are the latest changes:

  • Update regarding gift receipts
  • PDF gift receipts are uneditable

Gift receipts
Update regarding gift receipts -- Last week we announced that the fund field was no longer included in the Transaction details merge field in gift receipts. After considering client feedback, we decided to add the fund field back to the Transaction details merge field.

Note: You can remove the fund field from an email gift receipt by editing the email's content and removing the Transaction details merge field. For more information, see Receipt Templates Merge Fields.

Stay tuned for additional information about fund field changes in gift receipts.

PDF gift receipts are uneditable -- In order to adhere to regional receipting requirements, PDF gift receipts are encrypted / password protected within Adobe Acrobat to prevent editing.

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