1098-T's coming to a computer near you! 6319

1098-T's coming to a computer near you!


Producing tax forms and reporting to the IRS may not be the most fun thing you do all day, but it is a critical part of the year-end financial responsibilities of running any higher educational institution. With our latest updates to Blackbaud Billing Management you can now start gearing up for this important process. 
The full support for processing, sending, and filing 1098-T's will release in three phases to support your evolving workflow, but with this first release, billing clerks can use the new functionality to review current calculations, and:
  • Automatically assemble a valid 1098-T document using data recorded throughout Billing management, 
  • Review student tax year data, 
  • Print individual 1098-Ts for physical distribution (but who wants to print when you'll simply be able to print them to students in the portal?).
What's next?
In January we'll be releasing an update to allow you to push electronic versions of 1098-T's to students via the portal. You can use Blackbaud Education Management communication tools to e-mail students and they will be able to log in and access their form via the portal.
We'll be adding the capabilities you need to electronically send the 1098-T information to the government in time for the March 31 filing deadline.
The release of this functionality continues to expand the ways that Blackbaud Education Management solutions - including Billing Management - can be used across the student lifecycle.
As you explore the new functionality, please share any suggestions you have via the Ideas Portal, or feel free to reach out to me with your ideas. If you need any support on the new features, you can read more about the functionality here or reach out to my colleagues in support.

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