Is It Love at First Sight? 6327

Is It Love at First Sight?

That first look. At the store, at a social gathering, at a wedding. No matter the reason or the season, the first glimpse is the first step to falling in love. The follow-through can seal the deal.

Your institution also has many admirers—applicants who want to get to know you a little better. Are you ready for them to make their move?

Our new self-paced Basics of Blackbaud Enrollment Management System course for Higher Education can show you how to welcome applicants to your admissions process, from inquiry to decision and beyond. Learn how to use and manage:
  • Inquiry and application forms
  • Applicant information and checklists
  • Admission scheduling and committee review
  • Decisions and financial aid
  • Communication tools
  • Re/enrollment contract forms
  • Event registration forms

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