New Release Process For Blackbaud Education Management Solutions 6545

New Release Process For Blackbaud Education Management Solutions

Beginning in January, Blackbaud’s education management portfolio took the first step towards more continuous delivery of updates into production. Deploying changes in smaller shipments like this allows us to ensure a higher quality and to more quickly identify and correct any issues that may arise. For our valued clients, smaller software updates should also simplify internal change management by making new features easier to consume and adopt.

It is also worth noting that we are no longer publishing Hot Fix details in the release communication. Moving forward, we will only use Case Central to communicate the release of bug fixes to the customers associated with the ticket. This aligns with how other products in the Blackbaud portfolio communicate about bugs, and enables us to release fixes on a more frequent, one off basis.

Our aim, as always, is to deliver a consistently quality solution. While we continue to assess how to do this better, we thank you for your continued support and invaluable feedback.

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