Badge Quest

We've unearthed a new scroll! It's a whole new set of challenges for our Community Ninjas in training.
Welcome to Fellowship of the Badges!

There are new badges in Community and we want to challenge you to earn them. 

There are three quests. A new quest will be announced every month giving you three chances to win!

If you complete the quests times three, a Community NINJA you will be.

Let's get going with quest #2:

FELLOWSHIP OF THE BADGES: *You unravel an ancient scroll that says..."

        Ancient SCroll
  • Praiser (Level 2)
  • Pollster (Level 2)
  • Pen Pal (Level 1)
  • Energizer (Level 2)
  • Inquirer (Level 1)

How does one unlock these? Visit the badge glossary and use the actions as your keys!

You have the badges, but how will we know? Easy, just click on the button below!

Note: If you already have some of these badges - great! You are ahead of the game. Just complete the tasks and then check your profile to see if you have the badges. You may have a higher level based on previous actions, but that's okay. It still counts!

Once you have all five badges - click on the button below!