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Claire Bergsten
Hi, When your organization receives one check from a company for their employee giving, but there are 20 ...
Claire Bergsten Oct '20
Michael Jones
I am just inquiring about this product.  Does Employee giving allow events to be entered using the employee ID ?  We ...
Michael Jones Sep '20
Elizabeth  Perron
Hi Community Members, Our goal is to have a peer to peer community that supports one another by answering each ...
Hi Elizabeth, I was hoping for info on tracking outside employee giving and volunteering to our org.and/or add on ...
Rob Fitler Rob Fitler Dec '19
Happy to help and add where I can from the Blackbaud side of things around the Financial Edge!
Susan Chomsky ‍ Thank you for your feedback.  I will alert our product team about your request.

Marie Gillespie
Hello is anyone else experiencing an outage currently with BB Employee Volutneering? 
Marie Gillespie Jun '19
Hi Marie,

I checked the Blackbaud Status page and there is currently an outage.  If you check back on this page, the ...
Chrissy Kiddy
Hello, I am fairly new to managing our Volunteer platform and need some advice on reporting. I'd like to report on ...
Chrissy Kiddy May '19
If you've already received your answer please ignore this reply. I've just seen it and want to reply as i ...
Elizabeth  Perron
Hi, Please check out the following changes to the Blackbaud Community on April 8th.  I am happy to answer any ...
David Hazeltine
Find out here...  
David Hazeltine Jan '19
Alexis Fish
It's time to launch your volunteerism campaign and you are almost ready to go. The posters are up, the emails are out ...
Alexis Fish Dec '18
Aaron Larkin
I have some great news to share as we close out 2018! In the recent release of VolunteerMe 3.0, the mobile companion ...
Aaron Larkin Dec '18
David Hazeltine
Check out this article featuring an interview with our own Rachel Hutchisson, and let us know your thoughts... ...
David Hazeltine Dec '18