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Kelly Danso
We're doing a campaign to increase in recurring gifts amounts, and wanted to provide our donors with a Service ...
Kelly Danso Category Luminate CRM Nov '20
Shannon Flynn
I want to run a pledge balance report to show pledge balance as of a specific date. I have tried several pledge ...
Shannon Flynn Category Luminate CRM Feb '20
Mark Kolodziej
Hello! This is my first post in this community. I am helping a client with their email designs and reporting. We do ...
Mark Kolodziej Category Luminate CRM Oct '19
Hey Mark,

What were you using for send to and suppression groups for these messages?

Also, if you scheduled these in ...
Tanya Fitzgerald
Hi All- My name is Tanya Fitzgerald and I am a CFRE certified, Customer Success Manager at Blackbaud. I recently ...
Tanya Fitzgerald Category Luminate CRM Apr '19
Jennifer Padilla
Has anyone moved from RE 7 to Luminate CRM? If so, what was the experience like?. Tips on prepping the RE database are ...
Jennifer Padilla Category Luminate CRM Mar '19
We have not but I'm curious as to if you made the move since you posted?