Sphere Tips and Tricks

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    Sphere End Of Support Coming On March 31, 2019
    The End of Support for Sphere is on March 31, 2019. At that time, all remaining sites will be deactivated and become inaccessible . This means you will no longer be able to log in to run reports, extract data, or process payments. Read below for what this means for you. more
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    What is the Future of Blackbaud Sphere?
    You may have heard various things about what’s the latest with Blackbaud Sphere, so we want to make sure all your questions are answered and your organization is prepared for a successful migration to one of Blackbaud’s next-generation solutions. You should have recently received an email from Blackbaud with some important information about ... more
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    Sphere Security Update
    New security update: Sphere admin users with passwords that have been expired for more than 12 months will be inactivated on 06/15/2017. After this date, Sphere admin users that attempt to log into an account with an expired password will have to contact their Sphere account administrator to re-gain access to their Sphere account. more