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  • Recurring Gifts
    Recycling Cash: Automatic Recurring Gifts And eTapestry
    The Customer Success Team has focused recently on getting information to eTapestry users covering how you can Operate More Efficiently with your database solution.  After all, this is a major tent pole of how Blackbaud wants to help you succeed with your fundraising efforts and donor retention.  Up to this point, we've discussed a some reports to help ... more
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    Working With Auto-Processing Transactions
    Auto-process transactions are a win-win for your organization and your donor.  If the donor wants to give multiple times throughout the year, an auto-processing transaction can save them from mailing in cash, or a check, every month.  more
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    Auto Processing – Managing and Retaining Continuous Donors
    Auto processing is great, right? It takes care of the data entry, charges the donor automatically, and you don't have to lift a finger! But, what if a donor's credit card is about to expire? What if a transaction fails? Good news - there are a few things that you can do to stay on top of auto processing transactions so that you can maintain those continuous donors!   more