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ana dsouza
Xanax Overview XANAX is indicated for the management of anxiety disorders and the short-term relief of symptoms ...
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Rachel Cavalier
As I only remembered today that this was a thing we had to do, if you have constituents with the QC (Queen's Counsel) ...
Rachel Cavalier Sep '22

@Rachel Cavalier OH my gosh, thank you. I totally forgot about this!

Jennifer Peters
In our webinar last month, Cyber Security Best Practices for Social Good Organizations, we shared practical ...
Jennifer Peters Sep '22
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Austen Brown
Hello! As some of you know, I work for Prenger Solutions Group, and our team has spent the past 3 years learning ...
Austen Brown Sep '22
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Alena Kaufman
We are going to be updating the "Purpose" dropdown menu in our Opportunities - there are currently too many. Does ...
Alena Kaufman Aug '22
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@Alena Kaufman We have gone super simple and use this field to ID which team is creating the opportunity (Capital ...

Ray Bergman
Thank you for all the great work you do to build a better world. How is your organization celebrating the day ...
Ray Bergman Aug '22
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@Ray Bergman

Shucks, I didn't even know this was a thing! I'll have to remember for next year and bring it up to our ...

Pearl Valdez
Is anyone using a third party software for purchasing/invoicing such as Smart PO or PairSoft?
Pearl Valdez Aug '22
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Sheree Norton
We are going to begin making program related investments or PRIs for short. What's the best way to track in ...
Sheree Norton Aug '22
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@Sheree Norton

We don't track those grants in the system. Our CFO keeps track of those separately. I tried to set ...

Carlene Johnson
Since the roll out of Training Paths in Raiser's Edge I've found that I have a TON of classes in my transcript which I ...
Carlene Johnson Jul '22
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Kyle Leary Kyle Leary Jul '22

@Carlene Johnson Thanks for writing in! And, thank you for contacting our Blackbaud University Training Help ...

Kelly Bodie
Hello - if your organization also uses Higher Logic for your community/association engagement, I'd love to chat ...
Kelly Bodie Jun '22
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