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Bessie MeyersJones
Has anyone had success in getting a summary for the annual giving statement showing the amount given to individual ...
Mary Chase
I'm wondering what the best practice is for whom you send year end tax statements. I know we must include donors who ...
Also, I am referring to the Tax Statements sent in January, for tax purposes for the prior calendar year.
Thanks ...
Darlene Ellis
We have been using Moneris to process our monthly credit cards but would like to start using BBMS. I'm looking for ...
Darlene Ellis Dec '20
Sure thing, Darlene! We transitioned to BBMS about 6-7 years ago for our monthly recurring gifts. While we're ...
Snigdha Verma
Does your donation page offer checkout with Venmo through the PayPal integration? We are very keen to learn more ...
Snigdha Verma Dec '20
I'd be interested in hearing more about this.  We currently have a link to Venmo in the sidebar next to our OLX giving ...
Elizabeth  Perron
What are some of your favorite mediums to train Blackbaud Products?
Matt Connell ‍ are you a power point person?

Tara Watterson ‍  are you into group activities?

Inquiring minds want ...
Anna Theodore
Hi there! We had someone donate in memory of a friend's wife. They requested that we send a note to their friend to ...
Anna Theodore Dec '20
Ours are something along the line of:

We are honored to tell you that we have received a donation in memory of your ...
Lisa Williams
I have been happily using and integrating Blackbaud education, FE, and RE products for quite a few years at 2 ...
Lisa Williams Dec '20
Hi! You posted this in the community feedback forum, for ideas/discussions around the Community. I feel like it ...
Ray Bergman
Hey there Community Members, Just doing a post Giving Tuesday check in to see how everyone's Giving Tuesday went.  ...
Ray Bergman Dec '20
For us, not a major success. However, we were executing our first virtual event (annual gala) which took place on ...
Robert Brown
Has this ever happened to any of you?  A donor wins something at auction that has a tax deductible amount, pays for it ...
Robert Brown Nov '20
Ugh! I would struggle with this also. Had on a small scale with 'dance for the Y' events when parent would write check ...
Crystal Bruce
Hi! Shout out to Jayme Klein ‍ for suggesting we add "Prospect Researcher" to our job roles list. Here's what we have ...
Crystal Bruce Nov '20
Data/Gift entry?  Just a thought. I know I had that as 'other' in previous position. And some org are large enough to ...


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