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Maximizing Virtual Assistant Efficiency: Tips & Tricks for Customer Support Chat and Knowledgebase 9625

By integrating generative AI into our customer support chat and Knowledgebase systems, we're leveraging the vast collective wisdom within our digital resources to transform customer interactions. To further enhance your experience with gen AI in chat and Knowledgebase, we've compiled a set of tips and tricks. These guidelines are designed to ...

Added by Rebecca Ellerton News Community News 06/13/2024
The Buzz: June 2024 Edition! 9617

Welcome to June’s edition of the Buzz. Inside you’ll find details about the new Blackbaud Impact Awards, a revived community feature that will help you build connections, a new blog featuring our Community All-Stars and our June exclusive badge opportunity, and more!

Added by Crystal Bruce News Community News 06/05/2024
Celebrating Pride Month Together 9615

June marks the beginning of Pride Month and we're celebrating all month long! Keep reading to learn how.

Added by Jessica Watkins News Community News 06/04/2024
Ask the All-Stars: How to Get the Most out of the Blackbaud Community! 9614

The Blackbaud Community is a fantastic way to connect with your peers, share best practices, and stay informed with Blackbaud announcements and updates. Here are some tips from our Blackbaud Community All-Stars, our most engaged members, on how to make the most out of your time! 

Added by Crystal Bruce News Community News 06/03/2024
Introducing the Blackbaud Impact Awards: Let’s celebrate you! 9605

Blackbaud has launched a new customer awards program, the Blackbaud Impact Awards. Nominate your organization now through July 12.

Added by Christine Newman News Community News 05/29/2024
Apply for a bbdevdays Innovation Grant Today! 9599

Have an idea for a creative project using the Microsoft Power Platform? bbdevdays is accepting applications now for three Innovation Grants to be awarded to members of our community who propose projects of value to both their organization and the social impact community as a whole.

Added by Erik Leaver News Community News 05/28/2024
Why Investing in bbdevdays is Worth Your Time — and Your Staff's Time! 9590

Blackbaud’s annual virtual bbdevdays conference spans three days and is filled with opportunities to discover ways to automate and enhance your Blackbaud solutions alongside pros and peers. Listen to testimonials from previous attendees to understand the benefits of bbdevdays!

Added by Erik Leaver News Community News 05/23/2024
Just released! The 2023 Blackbaud Impact Report 9583

Our latest 2023 Impact Report is out now, and it explores how we have advanced our environmental, social, and governance priorities in the past year. Open to learn how we're continually improving our business practices, setting high standards, and reporting with transparency on our efforts. Explore the report.

Added by Jessica Watkins News Community News 05/14/2024
The Buzz: May 2024 Edition! 9569

Welcome to May’s edition of the Buzz. Inside you’ll find details about early bird registration for bbcon 2024, a new look and new report from Blackbaud Institute, and two unique badge opportunities!

Added by Crystal Bruce News Community News 05/09/2024
NEW REPORT: The results are in…Gen Z giving is on the rise! Are you ready? 9557

Afraid you're missing the mark with Gen Z donors? You aren’t alone! Most nonprofit professionals say that they don’t effectively show up in Gen Z spaces or communicate why Gen Z should support their organizations. A new report from the Blackbaud Institute, Gen Z at the Table , asks Gen Zers themselves how they see their role in philanthropy. Through an ...

Added by Kate Averett Anderson News Community News 05/07/2024