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Crystal Bruce
Do you have bbcon Bingo? Upload a picture of your card here and we will double check it and award the points. One line: ...
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Am I missing something? I don't think we can sign up for any sessions yet. I have them picked out!

Crystal Bruce
Did you know we have 75+ bbcon speakers who are also members of this Community? That's amazing! Here they are: ...
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WOOP! WOOP! So excited to learn from you all!

Cheryl Haimann
Since most of us will be attending BBCON in our own hometown this year, tell me: If I go to BBCON in YOUR town, what ...
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Besides the obvious answer of the beach, we also have

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

The Everglades

Frost ...

Karen Tuecke
Of course I am excited about the main stage events, but what tracks or sessions are you considering and why?
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I'll be at anything RE and data nerdy. Priority 1 is “ Why Database Managers Should Use Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT ...

Brent Troth
Mine was when I worked for Planned Parenthood and a group of people from a religious school sat with me a breakfast, ...
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That's an awesome memory, @Brent Troth ! I don't have anything like that. LOL

I've only been to one BBCon in person ...

Amy Dana
One thing I really miss about in-person bbcon is making new Pokemon Go friends. I'm just a bit obsessed with the game ...
Amy Dana 12d
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I have a non-BB friend who, with her son, are as obsessed as you! I may have already hooked you up, but I will send her ...

Mark Guncheon
Where was the last in-person BBCON you attended?
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Nashville in 2019. I miss going.
Vicky Lopuchowycz
Do you remember the ribbons that you would get to stick to your bbcon attendee badge? “First Time Attendee,” ...
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Me and my boss loved to wear lots of ribbons.

Crystal Bruce
Why are you attending this year's virtual bbcon? Let us know in the comments!
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To BBconnect with other attendees and to learn from the presenters.

Crystal Bruce
Read all about Laura Dern and leave us a comment on what you've learned about her!
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She is passionate about so many things but I especailly applaud her for advancing women’s empowerment and gender ...