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Heather MacKenzie
When I click on the “I attended BBCon 2020” button, it leads me to the Vermont/New Hampshire user group page and does ...
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Crystal Bruce
It's a free virtual event in 2022 and we'd love for you to save the date! Will you be attending??
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Chris Geady
Hey, my team and I review sessions and we create some customized recommendations for the various teams/people in ...
Chris Geady Sep '21
Crystal Bruce
Did you know we have 75+ bbcon speakers who are also members of this Community? That's amazing! Here they are: ...
Crystal Bruce Sep '21
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Carlene Johnson
Now that it is over and you've had some time to catch up on some sessions you might have missed…. What was your ...
Carlene Johnson Oct '21
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Ray Bergman
If you missed Dr Pippa Grange's conversation yesterday, first, let me say GO BACK AND WATCH! And I saw several ...
Ray Bergman Oct '21
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Sherry Yates
I miss going home with a variety of BBCon swag for my officemates. What was your favorite swag item?
Sherry Yates Oct '21
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Cheryl Haimann
Since most of us will be attending BBCON in our own hometown this year, tell me: If I go to BBCON in YOUR town, what ...
Cheryl Haimann Sep '21
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Sunshine Watson
Is anyone else not getting points on the bbcon leaderboard? I've done some of the actions, and my points haven't ...
Sunshine Watson Oct '21
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Jem Boyd
We need your help! We have a TON of Starbucks, Panera, and Dunkin' Donuts gift cards, as well as Pinatagrams to give ...
Jem Boyd Oct '21
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