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  • BBU Day
    Make The Most Of Blackbaud University Day
    bbcon 2017 is approaching quickly, but it's not too late to add Blackbaud University Day to your registration!  In order get the most out of your University Day experience, we created a quick assessment to help you discover your path to becoming a Blackbaud power user! Plus, receive an exclusive registration discount  at the end. Get Started!  All ... more
  • Road to University Day
    The Road To Blackbaud University Day: New And Improved Corporate And Foundation Experiences
    Earlier this year, Blackbaud announced that GIFTS Online and FIMS training was moving to the award winning Blackbaud University. This innovative change brought with it many benefits, including updated materials, dedicated training staff, and online registration resources. For me, the biggest change was a shift in role from a GIFTS Online ... more