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    Action needed - Updates Required!
    We are excited to announce important changes coming up in our April LCRM 12.47 release.  We’ve been working hard to improve the performance, stability, and flexibility of two processes: giving summary calculations and duplicate detection.    Starting with the LCRM 12.47 release in April, you will have control over the job schedule for giving ... more
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    Salesforce Spring 2020 Release Bug: Batch Close Date
    Salesforce is releasing the Spring 2020 release over the course of the next few weeks.  As a result, temporarily, you may not be able to enter a date into the close date in the Lightening version of batch.   Blackbaud is working on a fix to allow the Lightning version of the batch close date to function as it did prior to the Salesforce Spring 2020 release.  ... more
  • Luminate Online & TeamRaiser Quarterly Roadmap Update
    Luminate CRM October 2019 Roadmap Recording
    On October 30, 2019, the Luminate CRM Product Management team presented a Luminate CRM Roadmap Update. In this session we highlighted the latest product release information and future developments. View the October Roadmap Udpate recording .     more
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    Luminate CRM Roadmap Update Recording
    On April 17, 2019, the Luminate CRM Product Management team presented a Luminate CRM Roadmap Update. In this session we highlighted the latest product release information and future developments. View the April Roadmap Udpate recording Sign up for the October Roadmap Update      more
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    Luminate CRM 12.42 Release - Batch Gift Entry In Lightning
    We're excited to announce the July 2018 release of Luminate CRM 12.42!   In this release, you'll find issue resolutions and enhancements, including support for  Batch Gift Entry in the Salesforce Lightning Experience !  To continue using Batch Gift Entry in Salesforce Classic, you'll need to use the JavaScript Batch Entry Tool  instead of the ... more
  • LCRM_QuarterlyUpdate
    LCRM Q3 Update Call
    The LCRM Q3 Update webinar will be held on August 8th, 2018 at 11 AM ET.  This is a date change from the previously schedule date of August 1st.  If you have already registered, there's no need to re-register.  As always, you can watch the recording on-demand after the date, by accessing the same link below. Registration Link:   ... more
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    Luminate CRM Is Lightning Ready!
    We are very pleased (and excited) to announce that Luminate CRM is now Lightning Ready! After many, many months of hard work by the Luminate CRM product team, we have released a Lightning compatibile version of the product for general availability. By now, March 12, 2018, you should see this new version in your Sandboxes. Welcome to the Lightning ... more
  • Cloud Security
    Reminder: Salesforce And TLS 1.0 Disablement
    Hi folks! This weekend, July 22, 2017, Salesforce will disable the use of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0 encryption protocol in your Production environment. It was changed in your Sandbox environment in June of 2016. You can read more here about what TLS is and how Salesforce's change will impact you. We want to ensure you that the Luminate ... more
  • sky
    Introducing SKY Reporting!
    The original Luminate Analytics platform that we made available through Luminate CRM offered three main advantages: Speed:   By running queries from an analytical data store, rather than an operational data store, reports run much faster, and don’t slow down the performance of your operations on your LCRM/Salesforce (operational) database. ... more
  • bbcon 2017
    bbcon 2017 Call for Speakers
      The bbcon 2017 Call for Speakers is open.  Share your experience and knowledge with your colleagues in the industry. Join us October 17–19, 2017 as a bbcon speaker.   Submit a proposal »   As the annual conference for the social good community, bbcon is an opportunity to share insight that helps everyone working to do good in the world accomplish even ... more
  • standard
    Leading Volunteers to Success
    There is no question of the benefits that volunteers can bring to an organization. In 2015 the nonprofit organization Independent Sector valued volunteer time at $23.56 per hour [i] . Beyond the fiscal benefit, volunteers can help you to grow existing programs, create a more efficient workflow, and help increase your base of support. A truly ... more
  • Blackbaud University
    CERTIFIED - Celebrating Our August Luminate CRM Certified Users
    This summer was an exciting time for Luminate CRM at Blackbaud University. We launched our new Blackbaud University Certification program . Each month, we’ll publish a list of professionals who have earned their Luminate CRM Fundamentals certification. more
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    Wealth Analytics in Luminate CRM
    We're excited to announce the new Wealth Analytics feature! This powerful tool gathers donation data from your Contacts, analyzes it, and then provides you with results about their potential to give to your organization. Read about Wealth Analytics here , and check out this video to learn more.   more