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    Managing Inactive Applicants In Award Management
    We've heard from many of you that you need a better way to track applicants who have become inactive in your Award Management system. Whether a student transferred, was not admitted, or dropped out - it is not rare to have applicants in your system who are no longer active.   You can use an import file to designate applicants as inactive in your system. ... more
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    Learn About New Features From Blackbaud Award Management
    Our Product Management and Engineering teams are always working hard to provide new features and functionality to improve your experience with the Blackbaud Award Management product. Join our Product Management team for a review of this functionality and to ask questions. Sign up for the quarterly series!     Register today . If you missed the Q1 or ... more
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    Welcome to Blackbaud University
    Looking to see whether you’re using Blackbaud Award Management to the fullest potential? Or just interested in the latest tips and tricks? Either way, Blackbaud University has you covered. What we offer in our Blackbaud Award Management training package: eLearning : Take these short, focused courses to brush up on product knowledge and see how-to ... more