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Drew Aydelott
I have a user who has an email alias. The BBID was created using the email alias. When we set up SSO we didnt know that he ...
Drew Aydelott May '24
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@Drew Aydelott Hi! I was reviewing your case with Blackbaud support. I see the last thing instructed was to reach ...

Amy Shaiman
Greetings, I have setup the new MFA. I've been noticing (as have some of our users) that we are having to enter MFA ...
Amy Shaiman Apr '24
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@Amy Shaiman

Our org has the same issue. I assume it's related to the BBID rollout going….not so smooth.

Aman Vellani
I attended last week's webinar on the BBid improved user experience and was wondering how this will affect ...
Aman Vellani Mar '24
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Katherine Nolte
I attended the Education & Blackbaud ID Modernization presentation today. Towards the end of the meeting, it was ...
Katherine Nolte Mar '24
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@Katherine Nolte
I believe it's at the bottom of this page. ...

Rafael Romero
Hi All, do we know what the users will see once the SSO has been implemented? is it just the Google sign-in pop up or is ...
Rafael Romero Sep '23
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@Rafael Romero
Hi, So we are a Google campus and have been using the SSO since I have been with VA. If I am ...

Albert Giuliano
I used Microsoft Azure to initiate the Organizational Login - I Create account in MS and then copy info to BB account ...
Albert Giuliano Sep '22
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@Albert Giuliano
1. Though your faculty and students have email addresses, they still have to be “Connected” to ...

Ryan Madden
It looks like any user setup for SSO with status “Awaiting Response" will need to click the “Sign in” button on the ...
Ryan Madden Jul '22
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The SSO redirect for new users appears to be fixed. No official update from support.

Claudia Mihm
Hi there, I am fairly new to Blackbaud, and I am working on setting up for my school's migration to BBID. It is unclear ...
Claudia Mihm Jun '22
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Hi Claudia, you will need to resolve the warning by emailing them and asking which one uess that email address ...

Tasia Weatherly
I'm hoping folks have a suggestion or someone at BB will see this and offer some assistance. This is something I ...
Tasia Weatherly Jun '22
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Brian Hoyt
Almost all my parents have made the switch to BBID now. The issue is they can't find password reset link. If you click ...
Brian Hoyt Jun '22
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Brian Gray Brian Gray Jun '22

I modified the text of the Help link on the sign-in screen, modified the text of the Help page, and disabled the ...