Blackbaud ID Feedback

John Street
We just converted our parents to Blackbaud ID two weeks ago. Over the last week we are seeing a few issues when it ...
John Street Sep '21
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We are on the verge of converting our parents over to BBID as well. If this is an ongoing issue, it would be helpful to ...

Tasia Weatherly
Hello! I'm curious how many schools have started using BBID for their new families at the candidate ...
Tasia Weatherly Aug '21

We started this year using BBID for all of our users, including parents of students and candidates. It has actually ...

Joshua Blice
When new families create a Blackbaud account, will it force them to setup a BBID login?
Joshua Blice Aug '21
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Nathan Fuller
What are the current time-out settings for users who use Google to sign-in? I think it was 90-minutes at some point, ...
Nathan Fuller Aug '21
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Brian Gray
Is there anything in Basic or Advanced Lists that will show me the status of a users BB-ID account (registered, ...
Brian Gray Aug '21
Jim Robb Jim Robb Aug '21

Brian, good question. Since Lists and Advanced Lists were written before the advent of BBID, I doubt it. You can use ...

John Bryant
When setting up SSO capabilities with Blackbaud I have followed all their steps in the documentation. When I ...
John Bryant Jul '21
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John Vogel John Vogel Aug '21

Hi Josh, Azure AD makes it somewhat confusing in this part because you may have 2 columns next to each other (Value ...

Geoffrey Goodfellow
We are in the process of turning on Blackbaud ID for our parents. (We already use it for all students and employees ...
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Hey. This doesn't directly answer your question, but there is a lot of related info in this thread. It also lets you ...

Alex Roberts
Hi, We have custom android and ios applications that use the On API's https post method for authentication. ...
Alex Roberts Jun '21
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Alex Roberts:


We have custom android and ios applications that use the On API's https post method for ...

Jerry arnone
Our primary (Azure) AD domain is and our faculty/staff have the same domain for email as the ...
Jerry arnone May '21
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Kathleen Peak
Hi There I'm just beginning to investigate how to connect BBID to our parent accounts and it seems to me that parents ...
Kathleen Peak Mar '21
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Brian Gray Brian Gray Apr '21
Kathleen and I traded messages yesterday with more details...but for others who are wondering:

You can edit the ...