Blackbaud ID Feedback

Geoffrey Goodfellow
We are in the process of turning on Blackbaud ID for our parents. (We already use it for all students and employees ...

Hey. This doesn't directly answer your question, but there is a lot of related info in this thread. It also lets you ...

Alex Roberts
Hi, We have custom android and ios applications that use the On API's https post method for authentication. ...
Alex Roberts Jun '21

Alex Roberts:


We have custom android and ios applications that use the On API's https post method for ...

Jerry arnone
Our primary (Azure) AD domain is and our faculty/staff have the same domain for email as the ...
Jerry arnone May '21
Kathleen Peak
Hi There I'm just beginning to investigate how to connect BBID to our parent accounts and it seems to me that parents ...
Kathleen Peak Mar '21
Brian Gray Brian Gray Apr '21
Kathleen and I traded messages yesterday with more details...but for others who are wondering:

You can edit the ...
Brian Gray
On the Core home age, there are BB-ID adoption rates for faculty, students, and parents. Who is included in the ...
Brian Gray Mar '21
You pretty much had it figured out. What I see it doing right now is the following:
  • Parent - users with the "Parent" or ...
    Tasia Weatherly
    Hello! Hopefully this is the correct place to post these questions. We are wanting to pursue switching to BBID ...
    Tasia Weatherly Mar '21
    Just wanting to follow up on this to see if anyone at BB can answer these questions. Thank you!
    Brian Gray
    Is it possible to edit the content of the screen that says Your username is begin converted to use Blackbaud ID with ...
    Brian Gray Jan '21
    Hi Brian,
    There are no plans to make the conversion page content customizable.   Another option is to put more ...
    Brian Gray
    I am doing some preliminary testing of the process to convert parent accounts to use BB-ID.  (We already use BB-ID ...
    Brian Gray Dec '20
    Any change on this? I'm asking around but am not aware of what would cause this problem.
    Janet Wittenberg
    Watch this short 8 minute video to see the various scenarios of how the Parent will experience authenticating with ...
    Hi Janet -
    Thank you for this! I have follow up questions regarding the expected user flow for parents who want to ...
    Brian Hoyt
    I had a user leave our org and I deleted their AD account but just de-activated their EMS account. They returned. I ...
    Brian Hoyt Nov '20
    Hi Brian,
    I think this scenario will require a support ticket, but I know from there we can get your user moving ...