Blackbaud ID Feedback

Janet Wittenberg
Watch this short 8 minute video to see the various scenarios of how the Parent will experience authenticating with ...
Hi Janet -
Thank you for this! I have follow up questions regarding the expected user flow for parents who want to ...
Brian Hoyt
I had a user leave our org and I deleted their AD account but just de-activated their EMS account. They returned. I ...
Hi Brian,
I think this scenario will require a support ticket, but I know from there we can get your user moving ...
Sau Chun Lam
We are moving to MFA via SAML and have to update the "Connection details" section of the connection. Although the ...
Sau Chun Lam Aug '20
Start at
Choose Authentication
(You should see your SAML configuration as 'Active')
Brian Hoyt
As of 12 PM EST / 9 AM PST I can't login to any sites via Blackbaud ID. Can't get into EMS, Support or Not ...
Brian Hoyt Jul '20
Hi Brian, 12:08 pm here in eastern and it's working for me. Nothing on
Davis Tran
Hi, A client we work with wants to setup SSO for a single admin user in order to connect and manage applications. Is ...
Davis Tran Jul '20
Hi! I moved this to the BBID forums, but if you don't get an answer here - we could move it to the product you are using ...
Janet Wittenberg
Good news! As of Tuesday March 10th, 2020 we deployed changes that solve the looping problem mentioned here with ...
Candace Chesler
We have implemented Blackbaud ID for our students and faculty. One of our Middle School students somehow enabled ...
Candace Chesler Jan '20
Moving to the Blackbaud ID forum in hopes of getting more eyes and answers.
Blackbaud Community Team
Jim Robb
We have been using BBID since August, but have not adjusted the Password Parameters from the 90 days default, ...
Jim Robb Dec '19
Hi Jim,
I certainly did not expect the password expiration to kick in for any given user that is authenticating via ...
Janet Wittenberg
Domain settings for parents who SSO via Blackbaud ID A few weeks ago, we released  Domain settings  which platform ...
Corrine Duncan
Are there any other advantages to having SSO with? BBID over just moving to BBID?  I am having a hard time wrapping my ...
Corrine Duncan Sep '19
SSO with your identity provider is really where you get the most value out of BBID as it allows you to manage access ...