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Now Available: Text First Campaigns! 8074

We said soon, and we meant as soon as we could get it to you! We’ve expanded your play options – instead of always starting with a call, you can send texts first to enable timely follow up actions. You may want to prime donors that a student will be reaching out soon, or quickly reach a segment that is likely to give via text rather than a call. For more ...

Replying To A Text No Longer Completes The Play! 7933

I have some exciting news to share. When a prospect replies to a text message, that no longer automatically completes the solicitation play for them. You now have control over whether that prospect should continue to receive additional solicitations (i.e. if they respond with "Sorry I missed you, looking forward to the next call!) or if they should in ...

BBID for BBGF Agents 7808

If you all haven't seen the post/emails yet - take a look We're rolling out BBID for Agents, to match the security level Staff users have. Have any questions or concerns? Let us know!

Coming Soon: Blackbaud ID for Guided Fundraising Agents 7806

BBID for Student Fundraisers Coming August 17th

We Have New Guided Fundraising Research! 7751

In today's webinar, Raise Your Multi-Channel Voice and Cut Through the Direct Marketing Noise , I presented a plethora of new research and analysis on the impact of texting, diminishing returns on calling, the best day of the week to call, and much more.

Focus on Great Agents, Not Great Scripts 7335

How much time do you spend creating, editing, and updating scripts? Perhaps that time is better invested in coaching agents to build better relationships. Think about these “3Bs” of coaching as you develop student agents.  

How Have You Pivoted During The Pandemic? 7264

What have we learned so far about fundraising during a global pandemic? Hear what your peers in the community are saying, and share your story.