bbcon 2022 / Product Update Briefings Registration Combo! 8672

bbcon 2022 / Product Update Briefings Registration Combo!


We’re excited to announce that your free registration to bbcon 2022 will also provide you access to all Product Update Briefings sessions...

The Blackbaud Product Update Briefings is a semi-annual celebration of technology innovation designed to:

  • Share recent product updates: Discover ways our technology is evolving to help you work more efficiently and empower your team to do more.
  • Highlight our 6-month plans: Our product engineering team will give a preview of updates we're working on now and future "themes" for longer-term development
Please visit here to register today.
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Are there recordings available yet?? Bummed I forgot to sign up!

Hi Steph – Yes, all of the recordings are available here: