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Blackbaud Target Analytics® Tips and Tricks.
Query Tips: How To Find Family Foundation Gifts In ResearchPoint 7691

Increasing concentrations of wealth have played a substantial role in creating family foundations where more and more charity-bound funds are being deposited, accumulated, and then granted. A family foundation is a type of private foundation set up by a family, funded with the family’s assets, and often run by family members who can also ...

Query Tips: How To Find Donor-Advised Fund Gifts In ResearchPoint 7580

Nearly $1 charitable dollar in every $10 in the U.S. came from a donor-advised fund or DAF. Directed donations from DAFs have grown in recent years; in fact, during the first half of 2020 donor-advised fund distributions increased approximately 30%. They accounted for over $9 billion in contributions. Major gift offices are very interested in ...

ResearchPoint Export Tips: Creating An Export Definition With Attributes 7359

Although exports from Query or Research Lists will typically meet your needs, did you know there is another option when you have more complex data extraction needs in ResearchPoint? This blog post will share tips on how to use Export Definitions to create customized Exports with constituent information and Attributes. It will be of particular ...

Analytics in Raiser's Edge NXT: Grouping and Reporting on ProspectPoint Models 7353

Your ProspectPoint predictive modeling results are in Raiser’s Edge NXT, now how do you use these Ratings in Lists, Query, and Export? This blog post summarizes the key benefits and challenges of analyzing the ProspectPoint Ratings and includes links to more in-depth posts for each tool.

Six Database Queries That Will Transform Your Planned Gift Program 7357

Twenty “average” planned gifts*  can provide $1,000,000 of mission revenue to your organization.  Do you know how to find the best-qualified prospects in your constituent pool for planned giving marketing? Can you separate out the ones that might want to hear about a CRT from those that might be interested in a charitable gift annuity? Who owns large ...