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Celebrating Our June 2021 Certified Members 7794

Grab the noisemakers and give a huge round of applause for our newest certified Community members! Rhonda McNeill Kenneth Wong Gladys Lau Nicole Bucci Bryant Phillips Gregory Hill Brent Reed Jana Plasky Baani Anand Daniel Dunphy Debbie Deal Kelly Barnes Joan Gonzalez Julie Wuest Jackie Beering Shane Stutzman Kerri Whitfield Congratulations to you ...

Celebrating Our May 2021 Community Members 7716

Take a moment and give a round of applause to our community members who became certified in Financial Edge in May 2021!! Anthony Borromei Tom Regler Liz Hall Jennifer Burns Jennett Lee Sarah Neutra Sara Hartman Tresa Wandrey Connie Ekowicki Bonnie Hite Grace Yuen Monika Nachtman Tara Dates Steve Saunders Rita Williams Rose Wood David Schulz Jane ...

Celebrating our April 2021 Certified Members 7645

Yes, it's that time yet again - time to say WAY TO GO to our newly certified Community members! Victoria Yu Annmarie Quinn Kevin McGinnis Jamie Bussell Daniel Habbart Jeremy Andrykowski Gail Cannarozzi Jennifer Rawers Darlene Hetrick Veronica Copeland Jacquie Klotzbach Darllea Hoopingarner Rhonda Fow Emily Anderson Judy Kufel Maegen Leonard ...

Celebrating Our March 2021 Certified Members 7595

It's that time again! Let's have a big round of applause for those community members who achieved their Financial Edge certification in March! Brandon Stein Alexander Frenkel Julia Bushong Wendi Brockwell Tony Lee Petra Nomina Bobbi Burford Rebecca Walter Cody Christensen Denessa Leary Angela Smith Suzanne Bertrand Mimi Wu Amy Deering Trish Lyons ...

Celebrating Our February 2021 Certified Members 7512

Today's the day! Let's take a few moments to cyber-congratulate those who received their Financial Edge certification in February! Alice Williams Bob Raymond Mike Rorick Sharyn Orlan Ann Moreton Tiffany Beene Jamie Hughes Nick Chalos Agnes McGrail Mark Pezzimenti Claire SunSpiral Dana Matthews Tim Bodamer Jessica Johnson Michelle DeFrance ...