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Work Smarter, Not Harder

About three years ago, I decided to lead a healthier life by working out and eating better.  After a year, I felt I was working hard and saw some positive changes as I lost about 10 pounds—but was I reaching my goals? What were my goals for being healthier?
The next year, I created a list of goals for my healthier lifestyle—fitting into my old clothes, having more muscle tone, and to end each workout feeling better mentally and physically. 
I started researching healthier eating, attended different gyms, and started meal planning.  This smarter way is working! I can fit into those old skinny jeans, have lost another 10 pounds, and feel ready to take on the day and my to-do lists! These new tools help me work smarter, not harder, toward my end goal. 
As a prospect researcher you need to achieve your end goals in a way that is most efficient for you and your organization. You need software that helps you achieve your end goals in the most efficient way possible. That’s why, beginning in August 2018 we’ll be launching a streamlined ResearchPoint Fundamentals course series.

Our new courses intertwine technical knowledge with real-world scenarios and best practices. In each course, we walk through case studies based on real-world needs you all have shared through posts on the Blackbaud Community and in Support cases. 

Our ResearchPoint Fundamentals course series has been restructured into two courses that cover everything from managing prospect records to creating research lists and working with research tools. This means we cover even more prospect research tools, tips, and best practices!

Are you ready to work smarter on reaching your prospect research goals? Sign up for ResearchPoint: Fundamentals—Prospect Research 
and ResearchPoint: Fundamentals—Research Tools today. If you have questions, read through the FAQs below or post a comment. 
Questions? Read the FAQs below or post a comment.

I’ve taken the Fundamentals before. Will I benefit from taking them again?
Yes! With our focus on application and best practices, you’ll learn new skills and time-saving tips. In addition, our new Fundamentals course series covers more prospect research tools to help you get started.

I’m ResearchPoint Fundamentals certified. Can I take the other courses without retaking the Fundamentals series?
Yes! Your ResearchPoint Fundamentals certification works as a prerequisite for all our ResearchPoint classes. 

How can I help shape future ResearchPoint courses?
Attend classes, fill out surveys, and join the discussions on the Blackbaud Community

Are you going to be reworking the rest of the ResearchPoint curriculum to this new format?
Yes, stay tuned to the Blackbaud Community and the ResearchPoint Learn® newsletter for more information. 

I don’t have a Learn training subscription. What are the benefits?
Learn training subscriptions include instructor-led trainings and ResearchPoint certification, so you and everyone at your organization can take our instructor-led classes as many times as you want and get ResearchPoint Fundamentals certified.

Posted by Allison DavisAnderson on Jul 10, 2018 3:14 PM America/New_York