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What's New In DonorCentral - 2/27/19 Release

In this release, we've made enhancements to the Recurring recommendations page and to the Control panel. Check it out!
Status filter added to Recurring recommendations page

To enable users to display recurring recommendations in a more orderly view, we've added a new filter to the Recurring recommendations page. Previously, all recurring recommendations — both Active and Closed — were displayed on the page, which resulted in a cluttered view when users had multiple recommendations.


Sort order changed on Recurring recommendations page

We've changed the way Active recommendations are sorted and displayed on the Recurring recommendations page. Previously, these recommendations were sorted by the date and time that they were created, which was not optimal for users with multiple recommendations. 

Now, the Active recurring recommendations are sorted alphabetically by the charity name to provide a more logical display order.


New Site configuration page

In the Control panel, we've renamed the Settings page to Site configuration. On the Site configuration page, you'll see all the same options for configuring your site that were previously on the Settings page. You can access this page from Control panel, Site configuration on the navigation bar.


New Site administration page

To enable administrators to manage various aspects of their site, we've added a new Site administration page under Control panel. The Users/Roles page — which we made enhancements to in our last release — is now accessed from the Users tab on the Site administration page. 

In future releases, we'll be adding more tabs on this page for additional site administration functionality.


Posted by Sandra Stagner on Feb 27, 2019 4:19 PM America/New_York

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