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Blackbaud’s First Twitter Chat #blkbchat Recap

We would first like to thank Dorie Wallace, Vice President of Customer Support, and all participants of our first Twitter Chat.  We received a lot of great feedback and suggestions from the group.  In case you missed it, here's a recap of what was covered.
Question 1: What can @BBSupport do to serve you better?

  • Dedicated analysts
  • Increase product Knowledge of analysts

      • @DorieWa: Roadmap: More mentoring of junior analysts by senior analysts to increase product knowledge

  • Better communication between Support and other Blackbaud departments (ex. Product Discovery)
  • Cross train analysts on products that integrate with each other

      • @DorieWa: More analysts have expertise in multiple products is a goal for this year

  • Enhance Knowledgebase

      • @DorieWa: We have some proactive Knowledgebase updates in place.

  • More Customer Support analysts at BBCON

      • @DorieWa: We have ideas of how we can provide better interaction with customers at #bbcon

  • More advanced training/best practice sharing sessions, either online or at BBU.
  • Screen share for chat support

Question 2: Have you gotten support from @BBSupport via social media like Twitter or Facebook?

  • I have gotten encouragement from @bbsupport but not actual support
  • Contacting @BBSupport on Twitter seems to expedite things, but I have just been told that I already have a case #.
  • No - I always create cases to track it for historical review

      • @DorieWa: Interesting note about tracking.  Hadn't considered that...

  • Nope, haven't tried that

Question 3: Are videos in KB or on YouTube helpful?  Should we do more?

  • Videos are AWESOME!

  • Ask clients to help produce them

  • LOVE the videos! Great way to learn about the technology AND how other orgs are using it!
  • Could BBCON presenters be asked to create corresponding videos on their topic to add to the video collection?

Question 4: What do you think about a mobile app for support?  Not mobile app for RE - for getting help specifically?

  • Meh... I have 2 monitors at work and at my desk is only time I access support.

  • Don't think it would be useful for us.
  • Not useful for me
  • Not sure about that one...most of the time when I need support, I'm at my computer anyway.
  • I would rather you put your resources behind improving NetCommunity and all around support than create an app.
  • Mobile app for support would likely be even more limiting than chat. Again - screen sharing needed.
  • Something like mobile app is new and shiny but we need to focus on the basics.

Question 5: Webinars & roundtables?  Yay or nay?

  • YES!!!! As long as the topics are client driven

  • Yes to webinars and roundtables. There are many out there who have the answer to my questions before BB does
  • Yay!
  • Invite clients to give webinars, not just BB staff
  • Definite YAY --- love learning more about RE, PE, BBNC capabilities & how to better utilize the technology!
  •  Yay to webinars

Question 6: Anything you would like to ask me (@DorieWa)?

  • What is the most challenging part of your job?

      • @DorieWa: Hiring qualified analysts - we're picky!

  • Do you feel support fees are in line with benefits received by clients?

      • @DorieWa: When we are meeting our goals (that we set based on feedback from our customers), yes.  Always trying to improve!

  • Do you feel the increasing line of products offered by BB is making it more difficult for customers to connect with Blackbaud?

      • @DorieWa: Candidly, I don't know. We want to solve more of your needs, def room to improve on doing it.

  • Any CEO news?

Interested in more Twitter Chats? Tell us what topic you'd like to discuss in the comments below.
Posted by Jennifer Palawasta on Jun 10, 2013 6:13 AM America/New_York

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