Selecting Your Products/Solutions In Community 2590

Selecting Your Products/Solutions In Community

Picking products in the Community will:
  1. Allow for a more streamlined product navigation menu.
  2. Subscribes you to your product community digest: a daily, weekly or monthly message that tells you what's happening in your product world.
  3. Allows other members who use the same products to connect with you.
Here are the steps to make or edit your product selections:

In the Top Navigation Menu > Under Your Name > View Your Profile

Edit Profile Data

Choose the products/solutions you are interested in and hit save.
Blog Community News 04/20/2017 9:00am EDT

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I like getting the helpful tips - but isn't this the same post as last week?
Hey Georgina, you can find all my helpful hints here:

So far, I've written 3:
Selecting your products
Using MyCommunity Page
Finding Help in the Community
Holly, Thank you so much for all the information. Your emails are so helpful. It will be nice to know all the blackbaud features with our busy work.
All the best,
Thanks for all of your hints.  I have been using blackbaud products for 10 years now!
Eleven years! Yikes!
Joan Perry Joan Perry Apr '17
Love the tips...sometimes it's something you know and sometimes it something new. But even when you "know" it -- it is always good to get a refresher and maybe learn a new trick! Thanks!
Six year of using Blackbaud products. I do look forward to your helpful hint Holly!