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There are lots of options you have when you are viewing discussions. Let's talk about how you can organize all the discussion topics you are interested in following or in which you participate.

1. Subscriptions:

You can subscribe to any discussion in a product community that you have selected as a product/solution. You can manage your subscriptions here: instant, daily, or weekly.

2. Discussion pages in product communities:


Let's take a look at this arrows key to talk about the ways discussions work in Community.

The black arrow points to how you can access discussions in the product communities.

The red arrow shows you where you can search through topics in the forums to see if your question has already been asked or if it hasn't, you can ask it.

You can sort discussions using the green arrow.

The blue arrow shows you how many people have commented on the post and how many have seen it.
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Using the ‘Daily Gift Digest Notification’ template. When its run manually I as the owner and the other recipient see both the link to the list and the table embedded in the email. However when the flow runs at a scheduled time, I as owner see the table and the link, however others see only the link, and in place of the table they see a message that they are in a restricted area and they need to contact the administrator to see the results. Why? Do all users need Power Automate licenses to see the table in the email?

How to create a dashboard in NXT and include the built in reports, like the overview, retention, acquisition…etc

I was wondering if there is an time efficient way to change the addressee/salutation in all of the records. We have around 10,000. At my organization, we have the primary addressee as Mr. & Mrs. John Smith but we want to change them all to Mary & John Smith and change the primary salutation from Mr. & Mrs. Smith to Mary & John. I'm thinking I will have to segment lists and do global changes. Thank you for any help you can provide.

For “year end” statements, are you of the opinion not to call them tax statements as we are not implying if a donation is tax deductible or not

I ‘ve been using Financial Edge NXT and posting a lot of journal entries. In the process, there are some errors or mistakes so we need to UNpost and delete the Journal entries. However, FE NXT doesn’t have UNPOST / Edit or delete the wrong journal entries so far. These situations have created really messy general ledger detail and they look really horrible. Is there any way I can delete the posted journal entries/ unpost or edit later on?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


What is the best practice when an Organization, is setup as a business, the owner sells, and the same owner starts a Foundation? Do you setup a have a new organization for the Foundation?

Hi Judy,
This might be a good question to ask in the Organizational Best Practices community

This particular post you've commented on is 5 years old and not very visible to someone who might be able to answer your question here in community.

Jason, you can find your activity on the bottom of your MyCommunity Dashboard (https://community.blackbaud.com/mycommunity)
Is there a way to quickly see all the threads you've created and participated in? That's a pretty common feature (go to your profile page, and see all your activities), but not sure if possible here. 
Thanks for these organizing and navigating tips! I have been struggling with this since the Community was started.
Hi Phillip! When we launched the Blackbaud Community last year, we did some pretty major cleanup. We have another cleanup slated for 2017. We won't be merging similar threads - that's not currently an option on this platform - but we will be removing outdated content.
Is there any thought/idea/roadmap to cleaning up old threads and/or combining threads that are about the same topic into one thread?