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Adding Photos To Your Discussion Topics

You can easily add a picture to your discussion posts in Community.

After you start a discussion, the editor will pop up and you can type your question and click the photo upload button to add a picture of the issue you are having or an image that will help illustrate your question.


The title you choose will act as the hover text on the image in the post.

You can also link your image to a specific URL if you want to route people to a certain place with your picture.
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Holly, in the "leave a comment" I do not see an editor section. How are other community members leaving photos? There must be a simple step I am overlooking? Thank you.
A picture is worth a thousand words!
Hey Jen! I can focus on URLs in next week's post. That's a great idea!

Phil, I think I went into more detail here than your group might need. The site is optimized that if you simply upload an image, it will place it and size it with ideal settings. You can also drag and drop the image to re-position it. Finally, you can scale the image with your mouse until it's the appropriate size. No HTML work needed.

I'll update the post to reflect this.
If "A picture is worth a thousand words. Adding a photo helps illustrate what you are experiencing or how you are approaching a solution." why only images in the HTML editor in the discussions?

When will I get the ability to add images in the text box HTML editor in Topics? Appealing to different learning styles via the ability to add diagrams and images to text is basic online teaching. Photo galleries that are disconnected from instructional text is terrible.

Additionally, I have about 3 teachers that know what an "aspect ratio" is. Can they just scale an image? Why is there an options panel? These guys are not graphic artists or web designers. They teach preschoolers through 12th graders. My faculty training sessions are overly complicated because of the "features" like this.
Jen Claudy Jen Claudy Sep '16
Unless I missed it...can you cover how to insert URL links? So much easier to click linked text rather than copy-and-paste a URL. Particularly useful when you end up submitting something to an Idea Bank and want to put a link on a related Discussion Thread so others can quickly and easily go vote. (Especially OLX, as the Idea Bank is difficult to search, same as the Discussions, because every message in the thread appears in the results.)