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Holly's Helpful Hints: Adding Photos To Your Discussion Topics

A picture is worth a thousand words. Adding a photo helps illustrate what you are experiencing or how you are approaching a solution. To add a photo to a discussion post, start by clicking the photo icon in the discussion editor window:

A photo window will pop-up. In this photo window, you can either select from photos you've already uploaded to the community, upload a photo from your computer, or add a photo using a link.
The most common way to add a photo is to upload from your computer. By clicking the "browse" button in the photo pop-up window, you are able to select and upload a photo. Once the photo is uploaded, you have some options:
You can opt to share the photo in your gallery, where any of your friends can revisit the image without needing to find the post in which it originally appears. You can also choose to make the image your profile picture.

You can also title, describe, and tag the photo. The title you choose will act as the hover text on the image in the post. If you get bored some day, take some time to hover over images we add to the site. There are some fun little quips to discover!

Once you have successfully uploaded a picture into your discussion post, you can edit it. 

The simplest way to move or resize an image is to use your mouse. You can drag an image around the content until it is in the appropriate place. You can also scale an image simply by clicking and holding on a corner and pulling the image in or out.

If you want more advanced edit options, those are available as well.
If you double click the photo, the edit window will pop-up. Here you can set the width and height of the image (make sure you lock the aspect ratio - you don't want your image to distort). You can also add a border or some horizontal and vertical space, or cushioning. I like to add 5 pixels of horizontal and vertical space around my images so the text doesn't crowd them. You can align your picture with your text (left, right, or no alignment). Finally, you can also link your image to a specific URL if you want to route people to a certain place with your picture.

If you are seeing some distortion in the image you shared, you might need to do something a bit more advanced. In the image URL in the edit window, you can replace the word "huge" with the word "original." This replaces the site-optimized image size with the actual size of your original image. This is only really suggested if your image is blurry or otherwise distorted in the window.

That's about it for adding images to a discussion post. Now, go practice these new skills by uploading and sharing a picture of YOUR organization's mission in action!

Community Members, please share your tips on this topic in the comments below...

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Posted by Holly Herbert on Sep 29, 2016 9:00 AM America/New_York