Adding Photos To Your Discussion Topics 2767

Adding Photos To Your Discussion Topics

You can easily add a picture to your discussion posts in Community.

After you start a discussion, the editor will pop up and you can type your question and click the photo upload button to add a picture of the issue you are having or an image that will help illustrate your question.


The image properties box will pop up. You can copy/paste a link or you can click the upload tab to upload a photo.


The title you choose will act as the hover text on the image in the post. 

You can also set the width and height of the image (make sure you lock the aspect ratio - you don't want your image to distort).

You can also add a border or some horizontal and vertical space, or cushioning. I like to add 5 pixels of horizontal and vertical space around my images so the text doesn't crowd them. You can align your picture with your text (left, right, or no alignment).

Finally, you can also link your image to a specific URL if you want to route people to a certain place with your picture.

Blog Community News 09/29/2016 9:00am EDT