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Embedding URLs And Using Hashtags

Embedding a url in your discussion post is easy.

You type in the discussion post like you normally would and then you add your link by clicking on the chain icon in the editor.


You can also now hashtag content in a discussion post. The hashtag works like hashtags in other social platforms (ie: Facebook).

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Hey Cindy, can you post this in the BBNC Community? I think you'll get the help you need there!

Holly, this is a question for the use of BB NetCommunity. We have 2 text files with codes & strings that are the Google DoublClick Floodlight Tags (Pixels) we need help on. The "donation page" tag should be inserted so that it 'fires' when someone arrives at the donation landing page of the designated donation form. The "Thank you Page" tag should be inserted so that it 'fires' once someone has completed a donation. Basically, this is meant to collect some data directly from the page into Google DoubleClick Floodlight. We created a new part with the codes from the 1st text files, and managed to insert that part to the donation form, but we're stuck on where & how to insert the 2nd text file to the confirmation page. I'm assuming this is within the donation form under payment, but I'm not sure how to get this tag inserted there. Do you have any suggestions?