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Reporting Content, Spam, And Users In Community

Sometimes content or users pop-up that are not in keeping with the culture of our space.

In those cases, it's important that everyone knows how to report that content and/or user to the Community Managers team so we can deal with it appropriately.

First, let's talk about reporting content. Content can be a discussion post, a blog post, an event, or a resource.

To report content, click on the three dots on the discussion and click "report."


Once you click "report" a box will pop up asking you why you are reporting the content. You can say "spam" or any reason why you feel the content should be reported.

Reporting content sends a notification to the entire Community Managers team at Blackbaud and we will assess the report and respond accordingly.

Now, let's talk about reporting users. As I said, our community is full of helpful, friendly people. But sometimes users act in ways that are counter to the community culture. In these cases, you can report a user. To do this, go to the user's community profile page and click on "report member" under their profile picture.


When you click this button, you are taken to a messaging screen, where you are asked to share your reason for reporting. Share you reason(s) and click "report user."

As with content, when you report a user a notification goes to every member of the Community Managers team and we will assess the issue and respond accordingly.

Reporting spam in Community or a potential spammer will net you a Spam Blocker badge, so stay vigilent!
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Thanks for letting us know, Joanne! I fixed that link and it's pointing to the correct blog now.
From the My Community Page when I hit the link for your post on Welcoming Users it took me to this post (just FYI). Appreciate all you do for the Community Holly! :)
That would be a good use for it. Make sure you indicate where you think it should live if it needs to be moved.
Jen Claudy Jen Claudy Nov '16
Would it be okay to use this to indicate when a post is accidentally posted in the wrong discussion area? Or is duplicated in multiple discussions? (Usually by people who don't realize that they only need to post it once.) Not a bad report, but an alert for possible "clean-up" that I think Community Managers can do that we can't.