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How To Make Friends Easily In Community

The Community is a great place to build and nurture your professsional network and welcoming new members to the Community is a great way to faciliatate that growth, while also making all of our newest members feel more comfortable in the site.

There are two ways you can find (and welcome) new Community members. The first way - using the members menu at the top of the Community - enables you to welcome any and all new members to the site. The second way - using the members tab in your product community(ies) - enables you to welcome new members based on your shared product interest(s). So let's start broad with the members menu and then work our way down to the product members tab.

Welcoming New Members from the Members Menu at the Top of the Community
At the top right of Community pages, you will see a menu link that says "members."

If you click on "members," you will be taken to the members search page.

Here you see a list of all members of the Blackbaud Community.

The filters default to "most recent," which means that the members that appear on this page, are the most recent members to the Blackbaud Community.


Click on a member's name or profile picture and their profile will open in a new tab in your browser. Now you can write a welcome message on their profile and/or send them a friend request.


Welcoming New Members from the Members Tab in a Product Community

Navigate to a product community using either the "My Products" list on your MyCommunity Dashboard or using the Products Menu at the top of the site. Once you are in a product community, locate the members tab in the product-specific navigation and click it.


The product members page show you only people who are members of that specific product community.

Now, just like before, I can post a welcome message on their profile or send them a friend request.


Send friend requests to build your professional network and to get our newest members excited about this amazing community or people like you!
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Megan, I've passed your request along to Training Help. They will get your badge added. Thanks for reading!
Hello. I'm definitely 'newish' to the community and I'm still figuring things out. I could not figure out how to add my RE certification badge to my profile. I even tried searching this page,, and nothing came up. It seemed like the search function did not work. Please help, thank you!
Thanks Holly. It would be great if there was a tab  with new community members list or develop some challenge every couple of weeks/months to welcome new members.
Hi Holly,

I fidn that there are two annoyances with the Community boards in general:

1. There is no auto-spell check. Consequently, a lot of posts - including my own - end up with prases ike tihs. Auto-correct is pretty standard these days so it'd be good to have it implemented here.
2. The browser Back button takes you to the root page of the board, not back to where you were. This is especially annoying if you're on, say, a post on page six on the My Topics tab; you have to wade through to get back where you were.

Anyway, those are my sticking points. Hopefully others might agree and they can be sorted out.

Cheers, Steve
Thanks for information-I have reached out to many people to connect using the search function!
That's awesome to hear, Susan! I love it.
Hi, I was hoping to connect with RE users near me in Detroit, so I did a "Detroit" search on the Members Search page Identified over 20 member users! I welcomed each of them. So glad there are RE resources nearby.