What Are Your Friends Up To In Community? 2981

What Are Your Friends Up To In Community?

The single greatest resource in the Blackbaud Community is our members.

As you build your network in the community, you can use that network to find new and interesting information on the site. After all, if your friends are interested in content, there's a good chance it will be interesting to you as well.

This brings us to the "My Connections" page. You can find this page in the "my community" drop down menu at the top of the community.


The My Connections page shows you three things:
1. Pending friend requests to you
2. Your list of community connections (friends)
3. Your connections' activity
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This is great - I didn't know about it. Thanks, Holly!
I can't wait to see what is posted next
Oh this is great info to know. I'm not sure how to decide who to send a friend request to ... don't want to bombard people!
Yeah, this is pretty much my favorite section of the "My Community" area.
Joan Perry Joan Perry Dec '16
Always great to learn more about the community and how to use it to help ourselves! Love being able to make connections with other users that use the same products -- a way to learn something new with something you use; As well as connection with users of other products you might be considering and get the user's perspective and not just the sales' perspective.
Thanks, Lauren! Glad you like it!
This is a very helpful section of the site, I check it out frequently!