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Holly's Helpful Hints: What Are Your Friends Up To In Community?

The single greatest resource in the Blackbaud Community is our members. With tens of thousands of experts in nonprofit management, technology, data management, etc. in the site, the collective knowledge of our membership is staggering.

One of the best ways to tap into that collective knowledge is by sending and accepting friend requests (here's a blog post to help with that). As you build your network in the community, you can use that network to find new and interesting information on the site. After all, if your friends are interested in content, there's a good chance it will be interesting to you as well.

This brings us to the "My Connections" page. You can find this page in the "my community" drop down menu at the top of the community.

The My Connections page shows you three things:
1. Pending friend requests to you
2. Your list of community connections (friends)
3. Your connections' activity

The My Connections' Activity list enables you to easily see what your friends/connections are commenting on or posting in community.

For example: If we look at my connections' activity block, we can see my friend Shannon has recently commented on a blog post. Scrolling further down, I can see that my friend Joanne also commented on the same post. Two comments on the same post make me think that post is worth checking out!

Now that you know about the My Connections page, go check it out and keep learning from your fellow community members!

Community, share your tips on this topic in the comments below...

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Posted by Holly Herbert on Dec 1, 2016 9:36 AM America/New_York