How To Find Answers To Your Questions: Product Questions 3262

How To Find Answers To Your Questions: Product Questions

You can search the product communities for questions related to your product/solution. You can also search to see if another member has already asked the question and received an answer.

The search bar is located under "Recent Discussions" in your product Community.

You can use quotation marks to find exact phrases or # hashtags to find content that uses that hashtag.

You can also filter by "my topics" and conversations with "no response."

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Hello can anyone help me in updating a recurring gift credit card in NXT?

Hi, can anyone point me in the right direction to export a batch for payments from FE NXT to AvidXchange? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone else notice that when you have say $5000 come in and you split the gift $4500 to Account 1 and $500 to Account 2, that it shows as $5000 to Account 1 when you run the report for Account 1?

Thank you, Holly!
Thank you Holly. I always appreciate your helpful hints!
Thanks Holly.  I can't wait to try this out next time I'm in the "Community".