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Crystal Clear: Posting Jobs In Community

Hi Community!

I'm trying out a new blog series called "Crystal Clear" - where I highlight features of the Community! I chose Crystal Clear because that was the name of my column for my college newspaper waaaaaaaay back in the day. laugh

My first edition of "Crystal Clear" is based on an email I received today asking about posting jobs in Community.

What say you, Moo Shoo?? (from Save the Manatee Club - Thanks Alex Jays!)


That's right, Moo Shoo.. yes, you can can post your job opening in Community -- F-R-E-E!

At the top of your Community page, you'll see the "jobs" header. Just click on it to enter our jobs board. You can post a job or you can search the area for jobs. It's good for job recruitiers and seekers!


I recommend putting the job title & organization name in the headline and 3-4 sentences describing the job, job location, job requirements, and how to apply. 

You can also change your subscription notifications HERE to be notified of any job posting that comes across the board.

Have you had success hiring from our jobs board? Did you get a job because of the jobs board? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy posting!

Posted by Crystal Bruce on Apr 27, 2018 2:18 PM America/New_York

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filter options would be very useful
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 02:34 PM EDT
Moo Shoo needs a t-shirt.  In addition to job title, location and org name in the headline is helpful.  Also include a link on how and where to apply. Seen way too many posts that didn't include how to apply or even the organization name.  :/
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 02:43 PM EDT
Updated blog..  good points, Josh!
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 02:47 PM EDT
To me, more important than the position title is the location.  I would put the location and title in the subject of the post.  And I agree with Ruth, filters would be great.

Also, after a post has been up for a while, it would be great if the poster received a reminder to update the status.  I've looked before and found lots of postings that were really old and probably filled.
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 02:52 PM EDT
I will look into the filter options and see if that is possible!
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 03:02 PM EDT
may I also suggest in the headline - putting the state (or city/state)
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 03:26 PM EDT
You can also use the search bar to search for things you'd filter: like job title, state, city, organization, etc.
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 03:37 PM EDT
I agree about location, organization name, and how to apply ! Both myself and colleagues have found jobs through the jobs board, and I think it's such a great resource !
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 03:46 PM EDT
This is great, thank you! Please post more of Moo-Shoo. For any occasion. I agree that location and title in the header are helpful.
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 03:59 PM EDT
Moo Shoo is the best!
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 04:10 PM EDT
also, a bit off topic, but related... you can totally adopt a Manatee through the Save the Manatee Club for as little as $35! Moo Shoo is getting some moo lah from me!
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 04:11 PM EDT
Love Moo Shoo....................
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 04:11 PM EDT
Love the name of your blog Crystal!
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 04:26 PM EDT
Thanks for sharing the manatee love Crystal and all!! (:3) Moo Shoo is a favorite for sure - we have a very special announcement coming about her soon (sshhhhh...) And funny enough, your post is very timely Crystal! I'm prepping to post an opening and will definitely be using some of these pointers. Cheers all! tonya

ETA: Is there or is there any thoughts of adding a place on the board for people to post resumes? I can see how that might make things complicated as presumably current community members are actively employed.. But, as an employer, it would be a convenient feature.
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 07:31 PM EDT
We have discussed creating a job seeker board! That’s on our radar for sure!
  • Posted Fri 27 Apr 2018 10:04 PM EDT
I'm just here to say I love that our Community always has feedback - I hear good things from this post!! :) 
  • Posted Sat 28 Apr 2018 11:31 AM EDT
Love the name of your Blog! And I love Moo Shoo. I agree with Josh, though, Moo Shoo needs a t-shirt, maybe a Champions shirt!
  • Posted Mon 30 Apr 2018 01:17 PM EDT
What a great idea. And I love Moo Shoo the mascot!
  • Posted Mon 30 Apr 2018 03:03 PM EDT
More Manatees!
  • Posted Mon 30 Apr 2018 04:21 PM EDT
Good info, thanks!
  • Posted Mon 30 Apr 2018 05:21 PM EDT
This is great. Thank you!
  • Posted Tue 01 May 2018 12:34 PM EDT
I look forward to the next Crystal Clear blog post
  • Posted Tue 01 May 2018 02:31 PM EDT
Good to know
  • Posted Tue 01 May 2018 03:43 PM EDT
I think I posted our recent Grants Writer position on here...great tool. Thanks!
  • Posted Fri 04 May 2018 04:13 PM EDT
I found my current position through the Blackbaud Community Jobs board. I didn't actually think the position was for me from the description, but I friended the person who posted it, because I thought maybe a future posting from that organization may pan out. Then I also connected with him on LinkedIn so I could monitor things there as well. Within minutes, he sent me messages through LinkedIn asking if I knew of anyone that would be a good candidate for the position. Talking to him over the following 2 days through LinkedIn, I found it turned out the job was a fantastic opportunity for me, and the rest is history.
  • Posted Wed 09 May 2018 09:49 AM EDT
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  • Posted Wed 07 Nov 2018 12:36 PM EST