Updating Subscriptions In Community 4788

Updating Subscriptions In Community

Hello Community,

How much do you want to see from us? It's totally up to you!

You can get notifications instantly, daily, weekly, or never.

Here's how you can set your Community subscriptions:

From the Navigation Menu > My Community > Edit Subscriptions


Subscriptions Tab > Pick Your Products/Solutions and the frequency you'd like notifications > Save.

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Hello.  I’m getting an error in Blackbaud Community when I try to listen to the recording of 
Q4 2019 Faith Solutions Roadmap for Church Customers     I’m logging in with: katyinsights.manchesterumc@katycomputer.com and am using Google Chrome.   This is the error msg:  Your registration cookie is not present. Please enable cookies(if disabled) and re-register.   Thank you for any help you can provide.

Cindy Reznikov
T 314-316-9000

Settings updated! Thanks Crystal
Thanks, updated! Love the clip from The Office!
Setting updated. Thanks.
Updated my settings, thanks!
This was really helpful! I was able to sign up for some alerts I didn't even know I was missing out on.
Thanks Crystal!!  Suggestion: is there a way you can set up the links so they open in a new window (instead of replacing this post)?!  That would make it easier to refer back - though obviously I can click on the link from the email again  :)
That's probably on me, Sunshine. I'm going to get that subscription setting turned on!
These notifications are great especially when we are busy! Thanks
awesome great job GIF

Thanks Crystal!
Thanks for the info!
Why can't I choose settings for certain topics like BBCON 2018? It won't allow me to..
You've Got Mail! Thanks for the reference to a favorite movie. Brought a smile :)
I love hearing from Community!
Thank you for this email, Crystal.  I updated my settings.