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How To Use @ Mentions In Community

You can @ mention members in a variety of ways in the Community.

If you reply to a thread, the @ mention will be automatic!

You can also type the @ symbol and the person's name.

Notifications will go out at the top of every hour if you are specifically @ mentioned in a thread or comment.

You can turn off being notified by going to your notifications and unchecking the box that says "email me when someone mentions me."

We've also set up a feedback forum for any issues you may be having while using the @ mentions in Community. You can add them HERE.
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This is a convenient way to ensure people are retro bowl aware you're responding to their comments.

We are using this in the office now and its great to have the same option here.
Thank you!
Love the "Crystal Clear" thing... Crystal Bruce‍! Thanks for the tip :)
Exciting news!  Jen Claudy‍ sorry to miss you at BBCon!
This is great Crystal Bruce‍!
Jen Claudy Jen Claudy Sep '18
Crystal Bruce‍ I have to say that while I like the automatic quoting turned off, it's a tiny bit irritating to have to go back up to the original post to find a [Reply] button.  So I'll likely end up using the [Quote] button and deleting the quoted text, just as I used to do using the [Reply] button.
Jen Claudy Jen Claudy Sep '18
Right back at you Sunshine Watson‍!  Hope things are going smoothly in your new position.  Your former coworkers miss you!
Ryan Hyde Ryan Hyde Sep '18
Joanne Felci‍ - I just tried it myself, and it seems to find me okay if you type in "ryan hyde" with the space, as Crystal indicated. However, it does seem a lot faster to just start with a last name. Same is true with your name. 
Ryan Hyde‍ - it is still just looking you up by last name...very strange (the looking by last name, not you, well not really  ;-)
Sunshine Watson‍ wishing you success in your new position!
Karen Siegel‍ . . .  Welcome to the Forgotten Harvest Family and the BB Community!
Danny Levy Danny Levy Sep '18
THANK YOU @ Crystal Bruce
Hey Danny Levy‍ !
Danny Levy Danny Levy Sep '18
someone please @ me!
Check out this Larry Wheeler‍! 
Jen Claudy‍, tag! You're it! lol
Thanks Romany Nassief‍ ! We are very excited to take Community conversations to the next level!
That is great Crystal Bruce‍!