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What To Do If You Change Organizations And Want To Keep Your Old Profile?

The #1 question that pops up in our Community Inbox is members who have recently changed organizations and would like their new email attached to their old account.

You've built amazing profiles over the years and we don't want you to lose any of that awesome information just because you've changed jobs. We can't merge accounts, unfortunately... but....


We can now attach your NEW email with your OLD account. Here's what you need to do:

1. Create a new profile with your new email address in Community.

Once you've created that profile - we can take the member ID associated with it and put it on your old account, thus linking the two. We can also add points or badges from your new account to your old account, so you don't lose what you've started.

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2. In order to facilitate the "magic" - you'll need to email the Community inbox.

Here's our addy: community@blackbaud.com

3. Let us know your new email and your old email on the profile you'd like to use. If it applies, let us know how many points your new account has and if you've earned any new badges, we can add those to your old account.

We'll fix that right up for you!

I was going to put a Harry Potter .. "walllaaa!" type spell here, but I don't know what that spell is. Do you? All I can think of to say for the tadaaa moment in this blog is ...

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Accio Account! Of course!! Thank you Shaun Field‍ and kudos to Christopher Blitz‍ for another awesome suggestion. :-)
This is great news Crystal!
Bravo Shaun!  And great news Crystal!
Accio account!