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It's Time To Get Social!

There is a new feature in Community and we are excited to tell you all about it.

You can now share blogs and events through your social media sites. Shares can now be made on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Here's how:

Just go to any blog or event and look for these buttons:


We also have a new badge you can earn for sharing! It's called the Amplifier Badge.

It looks like this:

Blog Community News 06/10/2019 11:37am EDT

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I earned Level 1-5 a while ago    Do I have to share again to get the newer version?  (not that I mind!)
I am so amped! for Amp Camp! 
What do you need to do to get the Amplifier badge?
Rita Earle Rita Earle Jun '19
Very Cool.
I'm amped! Just earned the amplifier badge today!
Barbara Schlichter‍  - To get the amplifier badge, you need to share at least 1 blog or event on social media.
Lauren Fardella‍ - You're already qualified if you have the aplifier badge, but as with any good tool, if you see a good use for it, keep using it!
Joan Perry Joan Perry Jun '19
I too am amped up for Amp Camp! And Crystal Bruce‍ one of my favorites scenes from that movie...thanks for the LOL!
I love going to Amp Camp!
Done! I love a new badge! 
Here is the badge glossary link for everyone looking to level up too!
Lauren Fardella‍  yes ma'am! This is a whole new ball park of social sharing. I see you are at level 1 - which means room to earn!
Got my Amplifier badge, Da da da dat da!
Done & done! Great addition.
I am amped for Amp Camp!!
Yeah!! I'm going to AMP CAMP! Coincidentally, our Summer Camp at Jack & Jill started this week!
Does Chris Hemsworth present it to us?