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Updating/Changing Your Profile Photo

Hey Community,

It's time to Show Us Your Selfie!

The Blackbaud Community is a great place to connect with one another. It's even better when members can put a face to the name! We encourage you to find a nice selfie, a headshot, or a picture of something that is meaningful to you.

Here's how you do it:

Click on your profile at the of the page:


Click the camera on your cover photo and click add profile photo:


Browse for the photo you want on your computer and then click save!

Taaadaaa! In three easy steps, you've updated your profile picture.

Bonus: If you've never uploaded a profile photo, you will receive a shiny new "Participant" badge on your page.
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Done! Huzzah!

I couldn't figure out how to change the photo, this was extremely helpfule! ;)

This is crazy

Hi @Nickalass King what is crazy?

Late to the party, but had to share our jack o lanterns. I also added a picture of my last minute effort at a Halloween costume to my photo gallery. My have been low effort, but it got a lot of laughs so I'll count it as a win.
Halloween 2019 at the Davis Arts Center...Yayoi Kusama Fan Club. Polka dots and pumpkins galore!
Happy Halloween! Our office dressed as the Yayoi Kusama fan club...we all had different colored wigs and wore polka dots! 
Sage Evans Sage Evans Oct '19
I went with my training notebook from BBCon (with a few 2019 stickers from the conference,) wearing a tiny witches hat. :)
Our best rendition of Indiana Jones and his girlfriend.....
I posted my Falloween Selfie!
I added a photo of myself in front of the Grand Ole Opry.
Done! I love seeing everyone's fun pics!! Happy Fall-o-ween
Done!! Taken Saturday at a Halloween party. 
BatRex has returned!
I put my face on the eyes of my ghost pumpkin! Very scary :O 
Just updated my pic, thanks Crystal!
I used a picture of my trunk decorated for our church's trunk or treat. It's from  two years ago. This year's trunk was not great because of the windy day and I don't have last year's picture on my phone. I love to see everyone's creativity!
I had to use the picture of the costume my niece created herself for Halloween.  She dubbed it the "Reindeer Kitty Cat Duck Princess Butterfly."
I love this idea and getting to see all the fun photos that are posted!