Crystal Clear: Show Us Your Selfie! 6177

Crystal Clear: Show Us Your Selfie!

Hey Community,

It's time to Show Us Your Selfie! 

The Blackbaud Social Good Community is a great place to connect with one another. It's even better when members can put a face to the name!

Here's how you do it:

Click on your profile at the of the page:


Click the camera on your cover photo and click add profile photo:


Browse for the photo you want and then click save!

Taaadaaa! In three easy steps, you've updated your profile picture. 

Bonus: If you've never uploaded a profile photo, you will also receive a shiny new "Participant" badge on your page. 

Bonus Bonus: If you upload or change your profile picture - right now, we are making that action worth 200 points!

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Mine is up!  It's a Samhain costume for this year based on "The Hermit" from a tarot deck.  Reference:
I love this! Hoping more people put up pictures with profiles! Wicked helpful in remember if I have interacted with someone before!!!

Happy Fall-oween! Love it!
Done.  I used the headshot from bbcon.  Thanks, Crystal.
My team is going as Care Bears to hand out treats to the kids at the hospital this week :)
Sunshine is doing the most Sunshine thing I could possibly imagine.
Always love this one! Here's my dog Baxter. He is clearly saying "You can put it on me, but it doesn't mean I have to like it!" 
I love this idea and getting to see all the fun photos that are posted! 
I had to use the picture of the costume my niece created herself for Halloween.  She dubbed it the "Reindeer Kitty Cat Duck Princess Butterfly."
I used a picture of my trunk decorated for our church's trunk or treat. It's from  two years ago. This year's trunk was not great because of the windy day and I don't have last year's picture on my phone. I love to see everyone's creativity!
Just updated my pic, thanks Crystal!
I put my face on the eyes of my ghost pumpkin! Very scary :O 
BatRex has returned!
Done!! Taken Saturday at a Halloween party. 
Done! I love seeing everyone's fun pics!! Happy Fall-o-ween
I added a photo of myself in front of the Grand Ole Opry.
I posted my Falloween Selfie!
Our best rendition of Indiana Jones and his girlfriend.....
Sage Evans Sage Evans Oct '19
I went with my training notebook from BBCon (with a few 2019 stickers from the conference,) wearing a tiny witches hat. :)