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The Buzz: January 12, 2022


The Buzz 1/12/2022

Welcome to this week's edition of THE BUZZ!

In this edition, you'll find:  

  • Cybersecurity in the latest sgENGAGE podcast

  • Meet a Community ninja

  • Unanswered questions in Community

  • Upcoming events

And more…  

Happy Wednesday, Blackbaud Community,


Were you aware of Blackbaud’s sgENGAGE podcast, which brings in experts to talk about a wide variety of topics impacting social good organizations? The latest episode focuses on cybersecurity, and if you don’t know what a cyber security threat includes or could use a refresher on the steps you can take to help protect your organization, this is a great point to jump into the mix and learn. Listen to the episode HERE.


Each week, we aim to bring you a little closer to one of our Blackbaud Community super users (AKA Ninjas).

This week, we’d like to introduce  Tami Goertzen; Accounting and Database Coordinator at the Gilbert House Children’s Museum.


What area are you in (geographically) and why do you love it?

I am located in Salem, Oregon.  I love the Pacific Northwest for its natural beauty.  We can get to the coast, the mountains or the high desert in just a few hours.  My favorite outdoor activity is hiking to waterfalls.

What do you enjoy about the Blackbaud Community?

The Blackbaud Community is a great place to learn and help others.  The community has helped me numerous times.  It’s the first place I check whenever I have an issue.  I try to answer questions as often as I can because I know how helpful it is.

What is something that you never thought you’d enjoy at your current job that gets you up and motivates you now?

When we first implemented Altru, we had another employee that was responsible for the web pages.  In 2020, she left and I inherited that responsibility.  I’ve learned a lot and have come to enjoy customizing the different pages.  It helped that my daughter was taking computer science and web design classes in school and she was able to teach me some coding.

Looking to join Tami as an elite member of the Blackbaud Community? These elite members are known as Blackbaud Community Ninjas. It’s a well-earned status, and all the requirements can be found HERE.


Just For Fun: What are you doing for fun in January?

Blackbaud K-12 Education Solutions™: How do other schools handle waitlists? How do you keep track in EM?

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT®: Join the Processing 1099s - Customer Success Adoption Session

Raiser’s Edge® data entry: How would you track change of email address?

Raiser’s Edge®: Adding a business as a constituent


Here's how: Answer an unanswered question! We'll be awarding 1,000 points to any user who can answer one of these questions in Community this week. 

Blackbaud Raiser's Edge NXT®: Implementing a sponsorship audit

Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge™: Hospital foundation policies and procedures

Blackbaud Altru®: Annual Giving plans amid COVID surges

Looking for more unanswered questions to answer? Visit our unanswered questions page HERE. 


Development Coordinator (Phoenix area (FT) or Remote Contract Work)

Prospect Research Analyst (Clemson University)

Development Services Manager (San Jose, CA)

Did you know that we have new job postings daily in the Blackbaud Community? See the Blackbaud Community jobs board HERE.


Blackbaud Grantmaking: Mastering the Ins and Outs of an Annual Report (January 18)

Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT: Navigating Changes to your Mail Processes (January 18)

Customer Success Adoption Webinar - Virtual Open Office Hours (January 20)

Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT: Mail Merge Magic Tile from Red Arc (January 25)

Host*Net - Microsoft Office Changes Webinar (January 25)

For a complete list of upcoming events, visit the Blackbaud Community events calendarHERE.  

Do you have a job posting, event, blog or question you want everyone to know about? Let other Community members know by leaving it in the comments below!   

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