We’re Celebrating Earth Day by Sharing Climate Solution Stories with Employees 8996

We’re Celebrating Earth Day by Sharing Climate Solution Stories with Employees


Keep reading to learn more about the environmental superheroes making big impacts for climate change!

Hi Blackbaud Community,

April 22 is Earth Day—a day globally recognized as the World’s Largest Environmental Movement and a day of action dedicated to bringing awareness to the world’s climate crisis. It’s a global conversation about transformational climate change and at Blackbaud, we’re always learning more about how climate change impacts our planet and what each of us can do to spark climate-related action.

To help drive awareness about this topic with our employees, we teamed up with our philanthropic partner, Project Drawdown as a proud sponsor for their latest endeavor—Drawdown’s Neighborhood! This video series showcases a diverse community of people making enormous impacts in their neighborhoods by reducing carbon emissions and conserving energy in cities across the US.

As a part of our Earth Day observance, our employees are participating in an interactive learning experience that will introduce them to several short documentary-style videos that feature environmental superheroes doing amazing things to achieve incredible climate solutions! Employees will get a glimpse into these stories and learn more about “who”, “why”, and “how” these solutions came to be a reality.

Are you or your organization actively engaged in ways to preserve the planet? If so, tell us what you’re doing. Every little bit helps!

Happy Earth Day!
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