Announcing... Blackbaud Community All-Stars! 9137

Announcing... Blackbaud Community All-Stars!


We are announcing an exciting new super user program in the Blackbaud Community. Please join us in congratulating this year's cohort and read more about how you can become a Blackbaud Community All-Star! đź’«

Dear Community Members,

We are thrilled to unveil our new super user program, Blackbaud Community All-Stars, and the star community members who have been named to the inaugural 2023 cohort! This replaces the previous program known as Blackbaud Community Ninjas.

The new All-Stars program recognizes members who go above and beyond to make the Blackbaud Community space a thriving hub of best practices, engagement, and positivity. All-Stars are always ready to respond to questions, share their product knowledge, and help everyone achieve success.

You can spot the All-Stars by their exclusive badge or see the full listing on our new All-Stars page. You may see them featured as we ask them to share their insights and expertise through blog articles, webinars, and at Blackbaud events.

Blackbaud Community All-Stars Program Overview:

The Blackbaud Community All-Stars program provides special recognition and benefits for our most active and knowledgeable members. These individuals consistently go above and beyond to foster a welcoming and enriching environment for everyone, helping to build lasting connections, freely providing expertise and sharing best practices, and driving meaningful peer-to-peer conversations. All-Stars will be selected each year based on their prior year contributions.

Program benefits include:

  • Public recognition including a special All-Star profile badge, an All-Stars page on the Blackbaud Community site, and features in the community newsletter, The Buzz

  • Access to a private forum to network with other All-Stars and regular communication with the Community team.

  • Providing input on Blackbaud Community programs and features

  • Invitations to participate in beta testing and early adopter programs

  • VIP experiences at Blackbaud events, including bbcon

  • And more!

Sounds great! How do I become a Community All-Star?

You don’t need supernatural powers! You just need a passion for our community and the desire to help your peers succeed.

All-Stars are selected on several criteria, including:

  1. Consistent Engagement: Active monthly participation in discussions, providing helpful and constructive contributions.

  1. Expertise: Demonstrate product knowledge and expertise and be willing to share and help your expertise with others who come to Blackbaud Community with questions.

  1. Supportive Attitude: Display a friendly, inclusive, and respectful demeanor towards all community members.

The nomination period for the Blackbaud Community All-Stars 2024 cohort will open later this year, so if you are interested in applying, we encourage you to engage with your peers, respond to questions, and post helpful tips that will aid others in maximizing their use of their Blackbaud products.

Congratulations to all of our 2023 Blackbaud Community All-Stars, and we look forward to engaging more of you in the program in the future as we take our community to new heights!

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as an aside- I cannot read the words “all stars” without hearing it in a specific guidance counselor's voice (from my Jr. High years). Want to know what it sounds like to me? Picture Mr. Mackey from South Park- that character is based off of that guidance counselor, and yes, that is exactly how he sounded. (I went to the same school the creators of the show did- they were a couple of years ahead of me.)


@Sharon Sandberg for me it's Mary Katharine Gallagher all day ?

@Sharon Sandberg Mmmmmkaaay. :-) Now I'm trying to picture it!

Congratulations to the inaugural members of the Blackbaud Community All-Stars! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights with us!

This announcement brightened my Friday. I've always enjoyed helping people including RE/NXT users. I remember when I first started using RE more than 11 years ago, I found veteran users who were willing to answer my questions and offer tips they've used with success. Proud to wear this badge.