Catch bbcon highlights on demand - register now! 9258

Catch bbcon highlights on demand - register now!


Don't wait, get your free virtual pass today! Special bbcon mainstage moments will be available on live stream this week and you don't want to miss out!

Lock in your chance to fuel your impact at bbcon, the year’s biggest event for Blackbaud customers. Even if you can’t join us in Denver, you can stream bbcon highlights October 22–24 with a free bbcon virtual pass. Get your free pass now!

Join us from anywhere for:
  • Can’t-miss mainstage moments with Actress America Ferrera, Olympian Chaunté Lowe, Blackbaud CEO Mike Gianoni, and more
  • Blackbaud’s tech keynote, highlighting our Intelligence for Good® strategy to make AI accessible, powerful, and trustworthy for the social impact community
  • Select breakout session highlights—available after the conference

bbcon is almost here! Register now to get access to on-demand sessions as soon as they’re available.
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Totally agree with Christine Cooke's comments. Was looking forward to attending a variety of sessions virtually. It's in the middle of our phonathon and other commitments so attending in person not really an option. So charge a fee to attend virtually.

Also agree with Karen D. Am not going to commit my weekend when prior commitments are a factor in why not attending in person.


Thanks for your feedback, JoAnn, We are taking all concerns into consideration as we plan for next year's conference.

Can in-person attendees register for both without messing anything up? I know there will be sessions I miss due to scheduling conflicts.

Hi Sunshine. Virtual registration is included in your in-person registration. You won't mess anything up.

I am very disappointed in how little information is available as a virtual attendee. The cost of attendance has increased dramatically. Based on what was available as a virtual attendee in the past, and what we could only assume would be available for this year, I opted for a virtual pass.

PLEASE be more clear up front what will be made available to you as a virtual attendee and DO NOT make changes after people have registered.

If you offer a virtual pass, please do not do so when the conference begins on a weekend. Half of the content takes place on a Sunday, essentially asking people to do work on that day. This is a different situation than being AT a conference on a weekend and it feels very different to someone who is observing from home.

It is long past time to do smaller, less splashy conferences that are accessible to more of your clients. It is an amazing opportunity for a lot of people who will NEVER be able to afford to attend in person.

Karen, thanks for your feedback. I've shared your concerns with our Events Team. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any issues accessing the virtual content. Thank you.

It's frustrating that you all have almost completely cut off the virtual attendees until two weeks after. What the heck? Pre pandemic you had a virtual pass for LIVE sessions with a fee of $200. That was fair, though there were sessions that really would have been good for the greater BB population to be able to access, even as on demand. Just sayin'.

Hi Christine thanks for sharing this feedback. I have shared your concerns with our Events Team to consider when planning future conferences.