Congratulations to our 2024 Blackbaud Community All-Star Cohort!  9364

Congratulations to our 2024 Blackbaud Community All-Star Cohort! 


We are so proud to announce the 32 community members who make up this year's cohort!

Last year, we launched the new Blackbaud Community All-Star program to put a spotlight on the most engaged, passionate, and knowledgeable community members who consistently go above and beyond to foster a welcoming and enriching environment for everyone. We are inspired by their willingness to answer questions, drive conversations, share tips and tricks, and help their fellow community members find success.

Please join me in congratulating the following members who are now part of the 2024 cohort of Blackbaud Community All-Stars:

Austen Brown
Brian Gray
Karen Diener
Sunshine Reinken-Watson
Patti Hommes
Elizabeth Johnson
Dan Snyder
Elaine Tucker
Joe Moretti
Alex Wong
Christine Robertson
Jennifer Kluh
Dariel Dixon
Karen Tuecke
Miki Martin
Carrie Powell
JoAnn Strommen
Nicole Holt
Whitney Shelton
Nick Marchese
Joan Perry
Amy Barker
Roger Berg
Rachel Cavalier
Carlene Johnson
Keith Wilson
Dawn Alonso
John Ronan
Dana Burton
Amy Dana
Marie Stark
Nick McGinnis

Thank you to everyone who applied. We will be accepting applications for the 2025 cohort later this year. You can read more about the benefits and expectations of the All-Star program here.

We look forward to seeing the contributions our 2024 cohort will make to the Blackbaud Community in the months to come!

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CONGRATULATIONS!! I know some of those names!!!


Congratulations Everyone

Congratulations everyone! Super Fantastic!

Congratulations everyone!

Happy Friday and Congratulations to the entire Group

Thanks so much, all! Excited to join this group!

Congratulations, everyone. Very well deserved and earned.

roger berg roger berg Jan '24

Congrats all - proud to be part of this group!

Congratulations everyone! It is an honor.

Congrats all you superstars!!!

Congratulations to all! I think the fact that I recognise so many names immediately is a testament to how helpful you have been to the community.

Oh! Congrats everyone! So excited and honored to join you all on Team All-Stars! ?

Congratulations to all! Definitely some great people on the list this year again. Thank you all for all you do! So thankful to be included again this year.

Congratulations to the 2024 cohort. A fine group of professional, helpful folks!

I'm not sure how I get to be in such good company, but I'm happy to be here. Congrats all!

Amy Barker Amy Barker Jan '24

Looking forward to being a part of this GREAT group of people. Congrats all!

Congrats! Thanks for all the great info you share.

Rick Geyer Rick Geyer Jan '24

Congrats to those who were selected!

Congratulations everyone.

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Congratulations, and thank you for all your time and hard work!