Announcing the new donorCentrics® Community! 9413

Announcing the new donorCentrics® Community!


We are excited to introduce our newest community, donorCentrics®!

We're excited to provide this new forum for both community members currently using donorCentrics and those interested in learning more about how donorCentrics collaborative benchmarking can help them see how their fundraising trends compare to peers for new donor acquisition, retention, donor migration and long-term value.

donorCentrics puts the donor, rather than the campaign, at the center of the analysis. The analysis helps to identify opportunities for program growth, identifying underperforming segments, and maximizing donor value. donorCentrics analysis spans five years, since a trend over time is more instructive than a single year measure.

If you use or are interested in learning more about donorCentrics you can edit your product selection here and select the service. Subscribe to the discussion forum by clicking the subscribe button on the discussions page.

The team is kicking things off with a discussion about public broadcasting and attracting new donors. You can join the discussion here and you can also introduce yourself here.

Welcome to the community, donorCentrics!

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